The essential accessory shopping list revealed

Never underestimate the power of accessories

Never underestimate the power of accessories - Street style photo by Wayde Creative 

They say you are either an accessory lover or you are not. I beg to differ, I think like anything beautiful when we fall in love with fashion - there is no going back.

I recently took a client personal shopping and showed her how to easily incorporate a few accessories into her wardrobe.

By the end of the session, she was converted. Since our last session she has been adding a few pieces of jewellery to her outfits, which is something she never thought she would do.

Another similar situation presented itself with one of my strong-willed girlfriends. She was convinced that a dainty necklace and pair of statement earrings could never be worn together. Once I showed her how she could make it work - she has not had to look back.

You might say that I'm an accessory addict. I can justify a jewellery splurge on any day of the week. And my predominantly black wardrobe acts as the perfect canvass for my jewel and gem dress ups.

I grew up living vagariously through style icon, Rachel Zoe. I admired how she fearlessly layered her accessories and broke every rule possible. To her less was just less. She loves big, bold statement pieces that demand attention and I've adapted this to my own style which has been inspired by her footsteps.

The reason I'm writing this article is because I wanted to show you how to simplify the jewellery rules. You don't have to wear as many eye-catching pieces as I do, but their power should never be underestimated.

Simply put, they will individualise your look and are the cheapest way to update your style from season to season.

So if you're curious but not sure where to start, I've compiled a shopping list of the top accessory essentials to add to your jeweldrobe. Let's begin!

The shopping list

Never leave accessories as an after thought. They speak to your personal style and they don't have to be fussy. Start with the basics so you can easily mix and match and slowly build your confidence. Soon it will be second nature and you'll refuse to leave the house without a sparkling gem!

Hoop earrings

Choose a thin, delectate pair and a size that you feel comfortable with in silver and gold.

Diamond studs

If budget allows always opt for the real thing but a pair of zirconias can just as easily do the job.

Cocktail ring

Your fingers deserve it! There's an endless amount of options out there so have fun and experiment with a colour or style you simply can't resist.

Chandelier earrings

A dinner date or special occasion often calls for a dangling pair of shiny, opulent ear adornments.

Bracelets, bangles or cuff

Once again there is an array of options in different metals adorned with gems and colours. Wooden bangles and beaded bracelets are also an option dependent on your style.

Short, simple chain

This is a piece that can be easily worn to the office or out for drinks with your gal pals. Why not personalise it with a special charm that represents you or has significant meaning.

Long chain with a pendant

A long chain with an eye-catching pendant can amp up any look. Think of it as a conversational piece that demands attention.

What I love most about accessories is that they can turn a vanilla look into something unforgettable. So why not experiment and watch your outfit transform.

Photography: Wayde Creative