Australian spring 2016 millinery fashion trends

What to wear trackside this spring 2016 racing season?

What to wear trackside this spring 2016 racing season?

The Australian 2016 spring racing season is officially right around the corner, and now is the time to plan your raceday outfit. However, finding the ideal headpiece to complete your raceday look can sometimes prove a difficult feat. Yet fear not, our 2016 Australian millinery spring fashion trend report will help you find the perfect headpiece to ensure you're track side ready this spring racing season.

We sat down and spoke with Aniss Adler, Founder and Designer of Studio ANISS about the hottest millinery trends for the season ahead.

What are the biggest millinery trends of the season?

AA: Headbands, small flexible pieces, are continuing to be the trendiest. Headpieces this year are wearable sculptures with defined and modern lines. A lot of beautifully crafted leather headpieces and metal hair jewels will be game changers this 2016 spring racing season.

What are the most popular colours and textures for spring?

AA: We are loving shine this season. Rose gold or metallic chrome headpieces are our favourite colours of choice.

Any hue against your face has to complement your complexion, so neutral colours, whites and metallics are universally good options to counterpoint the season’s bold colours and enhance your natural beauty.

In terms of textures, we have gone architectural this year with spatial geometry getting good traction.

Placement of headwear is key. Do you have any tips to offer our readers to ensure their hairstyle complements the headpiece?

AA: Well said, placement of the headpiece will make or break your look.

Think of your headpiece as an extension of your facial expression. So think about the mood you are in and the character you are trying to convey. Then place the head piece with intent. Try a few different positions because generally you can wear your headpieces in different ways. Don’t be afraid to be creative with it.

Should you pick the headpiece or the outfit first?

AA: Clarity in styling should be your starting point. Its not about putting items into a look, but rather about taking the noise out. Whether you choose a headpiece or an outfit first, visualise the end outcome. Then compose it, no turning back, no half measures, all of the items come together at once. This is my process of styling.

Stay tuned for more Australian spring 2016 fashion trends. 


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