The 7 fashion sins to avoid like the plague

Do you prefer fashion victim, or ensembly challenged?

Even the most stylish among us have got some embarrassing photos of questionable fashion choices hidden away in mum and dad’s photo albums. Hey, everybody has to grow into their style and learn what works for them. But there are certain fashion faux pas to avoid at all costs. We’ve compiled the seven worst ones so you don’t commit the ultimate fashion sins.

Changing the way you dress for a significant other

It’s inevitable that at some point you will ask your other half, “How do I look?” and there is nothing wrong with caring about their answer. But if your partner loves floral summer dresses on you and you prefer a grungier look, don’t change your personal style to suit them. You’ll never feel truly comfortable, and there’s something very Kanye-esque about a person who overhauls their partner’s wardrobe to suit their own tastes. Though, if you’re dating Kanye 2.0, you’ve got a whole other set of issues on your hands.

Wearing shoes that are too small

We’ve all done it: bought the impossibly cute shoes that were one size too small because they were the last pair, and you figured it couldn’t be that big of a difference. But they pinch your toes, rub at the heels, and make you walk a little like Miss Piggy on trotters. Trust us, you’ll grow to hate the shoes and occasions will be marred by the agony of your feet. Buy the right size or forget the shoes!

Trying to reinvent trends that should stay dead

Repeat after us. 2000s-era bubble skirts should not be a thing. They flatter no one, and constantly look crumpled. Leave it to the fashion gods to determine which trends make a comeback, which are timeless, and which should never return to the style scene (Crocs, we’re looking at you).

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Wearing items with a case of mistaken identity

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: leggings are not pants, and jeggings are not jeans. Sure, you can blur the line in a pair of super-skinny stretch jeans, but leggings with a fake denim print are not hot. Ever. The same goes for wearing a long tunic top over jeans – it looks indecisive and daggy. #HarshButTrue

Joggers with Jeans

Athleisure is all the rage, and don’t get us wrong, we love it! But you’ve gotta do it right. If you wear a pair of straight-leg jeans with your ordinary chunky running shoes, you’re going to look like a tourist. Remember, athleisure is all about laidback minimalism with a trendy twist!

The wrong underwear

Nothing ruins an outfit like a visible panty line or bra straps hanging out. If the top is strapless, racerback, has spaghetti straps, or some other unusual design, you need to wear the right bra so that it doesn’t show. Of course, lacy bralettes that are meant to be seen are a different story! Beware of tops, skirts and pants that are light-coloured or made of thin fabric. Visible undergarments only work under deliberately sheer outfits. No one wants to discover at the end of the day that their black lacies have been visible through your peach-coloured pencil skirt for hours. When in doubt, go for nude undies.

Selecting pieces that don’t make you feel incredible

Most important of all, you need to feel utterly fabulous in whatever you step out in each morning. If you aren’t totally comfortable or the outfit is not in your usual style, you won’t feel amazing and it will show in the way you carry yourself. To look fierce, you have to feel fierce!

Words: Hanna Sloan