Thanks to Beyoncé DIVA is the new GIRLBOSS

It’s the new confident chant in a room full of CEO's and Girlbosses.

It’s the confident chant in a room full of CEO's and Girlbosses.

Thanks to Beyoncé, instead of high-fiving and taking tequila shots, we’re repeating her infamous DIVA lyrics. There is a new breed of women singing, “Now diva is a female version of a hustler.”

Let me paint the picture, it’s Friday night and I look around the room of a local, high-end bar and see independent ladies holding their own. They are celebrating after a tough week of deadlines and even tougher bosses. As I turn back around, I catch my three single girlfriends talking intensely about ROIs, CPMs and CRMs. Ahh, I think to myself, "What a riveting conversation." *eye-roll*

These queens are in their late twenties and don't have plans to settle down any time soon. Rather, they’re focusing their time and energy on gettin’ it.

For example, instead of carrying babies, these girls are managing staff. They don't think about monogamy in a relationship because they’re only sleeping with their careers.

These women can't be held down. They're slightly obnoxious, intimidating, fierce and fabulous. Perhaps they're the real world example of superhuman proving that you really can have it all?


We’re living in an age where women are more empowered now than ever before. And we’re taking advantage of it. We’re pressing pause on parenthood and holding off on the thought of giving up our last name. Instead we are clinking champagne glasses as we celebrate a win on a Tuesday night and then waking to our lover who understands that ‘needy’ is not an option. For us, solitude is a luxury and balance is sleeping in with a hangover because we know how to party.

Welcome to 2016 where the women are leading the way with a Queen Bey mindset. Inspired by the lyrics from Beyoncé's 2008 song, DIVA - we’re here for some real talk. Are you ready?

Divas, we gettin’ our money

Divas, we gettin’ our money

We may work a 50 hour week, slave over our MACs, have anxiety when we are away from our emails for more than two hours and drink coffee like an addict. But we’re accomplishing, achieving and acing it. We are damn good at our jobs and we live for it. At the end of a stressful week, there’s no greater feeling than seeing that paycheck in our bank accounts. We pay for our own lifestyle and handle our own business.

Divas, we strutting this game

Our lives may revolve around work but we would never sacrifice our glam game. We understand the power of a pencil skirt, 5” heels and a bold tote. Never would you find us with a hair out of place or a lack of lipstick. We pout, play and profess our inner diva on the daily. Can’t handle it? Then step aside and watch us strut away.

Divas, this is a stick up

We’re competitive by nature. As kind and loving as we are, there is a fierce side that will come out when we have to protect what we’re working for. We’ll show you quite quickly who is running the show. Don’t be afraid, but be very aware that we will stick up and stand up for what we believe in.

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Divas, there is no passengers on our plane

A born leader is our calling. We’re too independent for our own good and sometimes understand that having a fan club can be a distraction. We’re used to flying solo and dealing with our own business. More times than not, there isn’t any room on our plane. To remain focused we get that staying in our own lane means we’ll arrive at our destination faster.

Divas, they can’t handle it

We’re strong willed women and people find it hard to comprehend. They take our confidence as being stuck up, our no bullsh*t attitude as b*itchy and our success as being selfish. They fear our power but we ain’t stopping. Beyoncé wasn’t made great overnight, she hustled for it. Now she has the whole world saying ‘All hail Queen Bey.”

And we're learning from the best.