Technology + Fashion = Fashionology?

Australian fashion and style, fashion news, media and trends have evolved in ways never before possible and the industry is thriving as a result.

The introduction of advanced social media and online fashion news has brought about a change in the speed and adaptation of Australian style trends. On a first level, we see digital screen printing, 3D printers and synthetic fibers which have dramatically changed the face of fashion and style. Designers, labels and manufactures have a whole new depth of resources at their disposal; bringing the industry fashion trends from another world – almost literally.


Combine this with thriving online fashion news industry and we have a forever-growing discipline, one which gives Australian fashion trends a whole new level of complexity. Not to be mocked, the Australian fashion and style industry contributes millions of dollars to the nation's economy every year. What was once four girls in Louboutin's with Moet is now a multi-billion dollar global industry made up of some of the world's most sharp minds.

On the runways, we see fashion trends combined with a sense of fashion and style which brings the future and the past together to create a happy medium. The industry brings up-to-date fashion news of Australian style trends through instant social media and, later, via traditional forms of media to define the season's fashion trends and style.

We still depend on each other but add new technologies which make our jobs faster, more efficient and truly revolutionary and we have the 21st Century fashion industry. How exciting it is to think what is to come!! Fashionology perhaps?