Tease your way to subtly looking sexy with these style tips

Harper and Harley blogger poses in black off the shoulder top

When it comes to looking good there are many different opinions of what is considered ‘sexy’.

Despite what we have been told and the image of 'sexy' that has been put in front of women since a young age, you don’t have to be wearing next to nothing to look sexually attractive.

There’s a new breed of modern trendsetters that are making fashion sexy, here’s how you too can seduce him without looking trashy.

Off the shoulder tops

There is something so alluring about a woman's décolletage and an off-the-shoulder top is the perfect way to accentuate this delicate area without showing cleavage.


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Baby got back

If you work hard in the gym, don’t be afraid to show off your toned muscles with an open-back top or dress. He will LOVE the unexpected skin-on-skin sensation when he mindlessly touches your back.

The cropped trousers

When it comes to showing your ankles, your first thought definitely is not 'OOH SEXY'! But cropped pants that fit well through the waist and reveal your ankles are sexier than you think because showing skin where it is least expected is enticing.

For maximum sex-appeal style the look with a pair of sky scraping strappy heels.

The slip dress

A big trend this season that we love for its minimalistic feel is the slip dress. Add some statement earrings and heeled sandals for a chic yet seductive date look.

Racy lacy details

Lace detailing can instantly add interest to even the most basic black tank. The feminine detail will have you feeling more in touch with your sensual side.


Leather touches

Just as lace compliments your sensual side, leather can have you feeling edgier and more confident. Rock a pair of leather pants or a skirt with a more casual tank for an effortlessly sultry look.

The chic thigh split

Bare your legs with a skirt or dress that dons a thigh split, this will elongate your legs and make you look taller. 

Find a good tailor

There is no way you can look good in anything that doesn’t fit well. Your clothes don’t have to be skin tight, but a pair of trousers that fits your derrière seamlessly or a dress that accentuates your waist well will show off your figure perfectly.


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Bedroom eyes and a red lip

There is nothing sexier than slightly smudged eyeliner and a red lip to compliment your style.

Be comfortable in your own skin

Finally, the key to total sex-appeal is feeling great and radiating confidence!

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Words: Frances van Eeden