How to pull off wide leg trousers for a short stature

Girls with short stature wearing wide leg trousers

Chances are if - like some of us in the Fashion Weekly office - you are slightly vertically challenged, you have been told you shouldn’t rock wide leg pants.

As a short girl who loves rocking palazzo pants, I am here today to tell you this is a lie. You can totally wear those wide leg trousers!

4 Things to keep in mind when choosing the right style for your short stature:

Don’t go high waisted

Despite what you’ve read, wide leg pants in high waisted styles will not make you look taller! High waisted pants cut off your torso, therefore only opt for this fit in skinny or cigarette leg trousers.

Fake your height with heels

High heels will elongate your legs and even out the proportions of the wide pant leg.

Keep your top half tidy

Balance out a flared leg with less drama on top. To avoid looking disheveled, make sure the hem of your blouse doesn’t fall below your hip bone. For a chic look, style wide leg trousers with a fitted or boxy top that shows a sliver of skin.

Think about colour and pattern

If you are unsure about rocking palazzo pants, opt for darker colours like black or navy which are less bold. Vertical lines paired with a block colour top will create the illusion of longer length through your legs.

At the end of the day, fashion is about expression. We say, if you want to flaunt a style do it confidently regardless of the trends or rules!

Words: Frances van Eeden