Style Tips with Stylist Jo Blankfield - High Tea Party | Fashion Weekly

How important is dressing for yourself rather than someone else?

Dressing for yourself is the key to owning your style and feeling good in what you wear. If you dress for others or based solely on other people's opinions, you risk losing yourself underneath the clothing and not appearing comfortable, which will come across in your body language. When we meet a person for the first time, 93% of our first impression is created instantly by what we see, and the other 7% we take in from what they say. With this in mind, if what you wear isn't expressing who you are, then why would you wear it?

How can one discover their own style?

Style is all about personality. Your own style is your way of expressing your personality through what you wear. Many ladies know their style or at least know what they like or dislike, but get lost when it comes to what suits them. My philosophy, which I have written about in my book, 'Your body, you style', is based around seeing your true self, understanding your proportions and teaching you how to best balance and dress them, regardless of personal style, size, age and budget. If you can own your body, you can own your style.

Style Tips with Stylist Jo Blankfield - High Tea Party | Fashion Weekly

What are three items every woman should own in her wardrobe?

  1. A well-fitted bra! This is a vital and often underestimated piece. Your bra can make or break an outfit. A bra fitted correctly to your bust and your overall proportions can completely change the appearance of your body. The right bra can define an undefined waist, balance a larger bust and minimise a larger tummy.
  2. A versatile dress is a great key piece. Could be an LBD or something a bit different. The key is that you can dress it up and down, wear it trans-seasonally and change it up with accessories.
  3. A stylish, versatile, but comfortable shoe. Ie a nude ballet flat. These days with the research and technology that has gone into shoes, there is almost no excuse to not have at least one 'nice' pair of shoes that is comfortable and doesn't kill your feet. Even if you have issues with your feet, need orthotics or think you can't find anything that will be comfortable enough, think again. I've fitted ladies with some serious problems relating to shoes and always found something practical AND stylish that will look good with their clothing, rather than having to settle for comfort only and giving up on style.

Style Tips with Stylist Jo Blankfield - High Tea Party | Fashion Weekly

You will be speaking at The High Tea Party in Brisbane. What can we expect from you?

My passion as a stylist is working with the everyday woman. I like to look at the whole person; personality, lifestyle, budget, size, age, proportions and everything in between. I'm not here to tell ladies how to be fashionable and on trend, I'm here to teach you how to look good and feel great while being yourself! At the High Tea Party I will be working with everyday women as models, discussing and offering solutions to the day-to-day dilemmas and concerns, which most women will relate to. I'll be bringing my book to life, showing on these ladies how a few simple changes to their outfits will transform them. It could be a new bra better suit their shape, fitting their top to balance their proportions or dressing them in a new pair of jeans. I'll be using easy to access everyday brands and real budgets.

How do you think The High Tea Party empowers women to celebrate who they are?

I think the High Tea party is an amazing event for empowering and celebrating women as it is giving them the opportunity to give some time and love and attention to themselves, for themselves. Too often I work with time-poor women that are putting all their energy and time into others and not enough into themselves. I always remind them if you take care of 'you' first, then you will do a better job of caring for everyone else. Giving time to yourself is not selfish or taking away from others, it's allowing you to give them the happiest, best possible version of yourself, meaning you will have more to offer them.

Style Tips with Stylist Jo Blankfield - High Tea Party | Fashion Weekly

What is one item of clothing that will boost a woman's confidence?

The one that get's noticed! Any time someone compliments what you wear or how much a colour suits you; you can't help but smile and get a little bounce in your step. It's a different piece for every woman. It might be an LBD, that perfect pair of jeans, those heels that make your legs look amazing or that top in a colour that lights up your face.

How do you encourage women to step out of their comfort zone?

I often use logic verses emotion to challenge women to step out of their comfort zone. So many ladies will look at a piece and tell me why they can't wear it and it's always relating to emotion. Many fear looking like mutton dressed as lamb, exposing their 'big tummy', thinks their thighs are too big or that they aren't cool enough or young enough to wear it. Reality is these are emotional responses, driven by our less-positive perspective of ourselves. I teach my clients to look at themselves logically. If you understand your proportions and realise if a piece doesn't look right, it's not your bodies fault, it's that the garment just isn't right for you, you will be more willing to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new, without the fear of the demoralising emotions that come with a piece not looking right.

What is one styling tip everyone woman should follow?

If you're feeling frumpy or overwhelmed in an outfit, ¾ your sleeves it instantly defines your waist and takes the attention away from your hips, making you appear leaner and longer. If you can't roll up your sleeves, ruch them and use rubber bands to hold them up!

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