Style tips on how to always have an outfit for every occasion

Rack of clothes

There is a seemingly endless cycle in fashion and it's not just the way things seem to come back in style every few seasons. We're talking about how there only ever seems to be two styles represented in our wardrobe - day and evening - when really there are a whole host of differences in these categories and nuances between a thousand daytime and night looks. For example, is your day spent on the beach or in the office? Are your nights spent at a casual restaurant or the hottest club in town? 'Daywear' and 'Evening Wear' doesn't really say a whole lot about an ensemble after all!

Do you have an outfit for every occasion? It's important to stock up, just in case...

A night at the casino
Whether you and the girls have managed to save enough to get all the way to Las Vegas, or you're just hoping for a night that is fabulous, then a night at the casino would call you to go all out in the style stakes. It's a time to finally wear all the glitz and glam that can often look tacky and overdone for an ordinary night out. It's the one night that you can go big on sequins!

Spilling glitter

"love in glitter" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Shanna Mae

Of course, it's all about putting on a confident face to fit in, too. So if you don't have a clue about any kind of gambling, no fear. You can prep online these days, and have a go at the pokies and all kinds of other options from the comfort of your very own home - simply click on a pokie game and start playing! You'll look like you fit in in no time!

A day at the beach
Okay, here in Australia, it's pretty simple - if you're coastal, you've got beachwear, it's a given. It's not just about selecting a bikini, though. There's everything else that comes along with that. Shoes-wise, it's sandals. And you'll need a kaftan or sarong. Don't ever let yourself down with the bag, either - you'll need it for summer necessity, sunscreen (you don't want the consequences!). Finally, sunglasses are a major deal. It's easy to look stylish with so many different shade options.

Ocean"Burleigh Heads" (CC BY 2.0) by stevepaustin

A night at a gig
When it comes to a gig, you want to look good (especially if it's a date!), but you don't want to be completely out of place. It's a great compromise to shop and find something stylish but practical. You can't go wrong with a pair of form-fitting black skinnies, and perhaps some knee high boots. Why not opt for a cotton shirt and some statement jewellery - this look is casual but yes still dressy. Keep your hair simple and tied up, with make-up being smokey and dramatic, and hey presto! You're good to go.