Fashionista struggles: moving out of home

Hello freedom, goodbye shoe space.

There is nothing more liberating than moving out of home, yet we can’t deny that there are a few struggles that every fashionista faces once we spread our wings and leave the nest.

Regardless of if you’re about to move out of home, or you can relate to a few of these points when you first moved out, here’s the struggles every fashionista faces when moving out of home.

1. Finding the perfect sized wardrobe for your giant collection of clothes.

2. Being forced to minimise your shoe collection because your new wardrobe doesn't permit the Carrie Bradshaw shoe collection you always dreamed of.

2. While you always laughed at the way people separated their colours prior to washing, you soon learn why once your fave vintage Tommy Hillfiger shirt is dyed pink.

3. Finding out the hard way that some pieces shouldn’t be ironed on the cotton setting.

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4. Dinner or vogue? (Real world questions here).

5. If you’re lucky enough to be moving into a share house, the chances are that your housemates will fall in love with your collection just as much as you are. Try to break the news gently that no, they can’t borrow your Mollini heels.

6. Supressing the urge to go shopping each season.

Hello freedom, goodbye shoe space.

7. Accessories will become your new bff. Not only do jewels make you look and feel fabulous, but they can also inject an instant style update into any outfit. A simple piece of suede ribbon can be easily tied into an on trend choker.

8. Understanding the meaning of less is more because you can’t afford those designer pieces you’ve been drooling over on the runways.

9. Living through your favourite character’s wardrobes on Netflix because you’re saving your shopping spree until pay day.

10. You’ll soon understand the true meaning of quality over quantity.

12. Fake it till you make it. You don’t need the latest pieces to be fashionable. As Yves St Laurent stated, “fashions fade, style is eternal”.