Stilettoes: Sexiness vs. Practicality

So very true Ms. Morgan! Stiletto-clad Fashionistas should take Harriet's words of wisdom to heart when donning the seaons's hottest sky-scraper heels, if it hurts, it's more than likely to look good. Fashion is pain ladies. She also famously said, 'Stop thinking about what could go wrong and start thinking about what could go right," just for a little ego trip when one is feeling slightly less than balanced under foot for cobble stones may look lovely on the streets of Italy but they pose as a dangerous risk to skinny heels!


For those who love the look of a fabulous stiletto however also like the idea of joint safety, there is a solution. Donna Karan New York does an amazing wedged heel in vibrant shades. The clever alternatives are made from comfortable cotton and bear an impressive platform so there is no compromise in height. If there's something about the classic heel that simply can't be compromised, opt for a thicker base for a more comfortable stride. The likes of Dior, Marni, Chanel and Dolce and Gabbana all do a variation of the Mary-Jane style without the school girl label. Chic and comfortable, what more could you want?!

For the optimum sexy and sophisticated look, the classic stiletto is a highly regarded go-to piece however be aware of hazards ladies!

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