Statement Accessories: Editor's Picks

Remember the rule less and more so when wearing an earring so big and dramatic like this one, keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum. Don't wear a necklace and either choose a bracelet or cocktail ring.

Earrings that say so much should only be worn on special occasions. It's not necessarily a good idea to wear them to work or to they gym. So be selective and break these babies out when you want to own your moment.

Lulu Frost has designed the perfect sea green and rose gold earrings and Wilfredo Rosado has this 1980's colourful artistic pair. All three designs are perfect for drawing inspiration to create your perfect look. The whole process of the fashion world is filtration. So the amazing high-end designers set the bench mark and their designs get filtered all the way down to the department stores. So don't think that achieving this look is impossible because fashion is truly accessible to everyone.

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Statement Necklaces:

A statement necklace will stop everyone in their tracks. Including yourself, because there is a feeling when you find the ultimate statement necklace. It is a feeling of nothing else can happen right at this moment except the fact that you need to buy it. It calls your name and you must listen because it is a lifesaver.

The next time you feel bland or uninspired pull our you Little Black Dress, black patent pumps and give your outfit a WOW factor with your statement necklace. Yes, it is true, your accessory has just saved the day and your personal style. You are no longer boring, you are now creative and stylish.

Dramatic one may say but trust us, it is true. It will be your pick me up, your lifesaver, and your joy.

So let's not waist any more time because first we are lusting over the Camel Christian Dior Statement Necklace. Did you heart stop beating? Because ours did.

Next we are dreaming about the Dolce & Gabbana Gothic Inspired Velvet Choker which has us chocked up. This piece will draw attention and break the bank balance.

Last but not least Herve Van Der Straeton has put a playful twist on blue verses gold in this Aztec inspired piece of art.

Fashion Heaven, yes, we need heaven's bank account to buy these pieces but we can't say enough that it is a timelessly perfect accessory. So start hunting for your statement necklace and you will soon see how amazing the transformation will be.

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