Simply Rocks is a show-stopper this spring races

Break away from uniformity and elevate your style game by dazzling in accessory show-stoppers by Simply Rocks this spring racing season.

It's that time of year again! The spring racing season is upon us and it's time to get trackside fabulous. Are you ready to make a dazzling statement, one that is a complete and utter show-stopper?

Let's look beyond the traditions of the classics. Every race-goer sports the timeless dress, sky-high stilettos and of course the head-piece. Though, what's often forgotten is the necessity to add your signature flair to create the perfect outfit. We're going to let you in on a little secret that will have the many swooning over your style.

Jeweller extraordinaire, Deepali Sawlani, has given her prediction on how to turn heads this season. "I think Melbourne has worn out dresses, hats and gloves as the main focus ... we really need some serious bling and statement making pieces to grace the necks of fashionistas," she says.

Days at the races demand you to be elegant which is why Sawlani will help you personalise your look by choosing the most luxurious accessories to suit your budget, taste and outfit! There's no doubt that you'll be the envy of your friends.
Deepali embraced her entrepreneurial spirit back in 2003 with the launch of Simply Rocks. Her designs have since had international success with demands from Dubai to Melbourne.

Break away from uniformity and elevate your style game by dazzling in accessory show-stoppers by Simply Rocks this spring racing season.

It takes a rare kind of woman to turn their dream into a clever and impressive reality. It takes a confident, self assured and passionate individual who understands how to combine their wealth of experience, unhampered creativity and innovation to design pieces that are a major international-stopper.

Bespoke jeweller and gemmologist from Dubai, Sawlani established Simply Rocks from an unexpected back-story that is fuelled from an undisputed determination. Are you ready to be inspired?

Before being enveloped in the life of glistening gemstones, Deepali was a highly successful corporate financial analyst at Dell Computers in Texas, USA with a $7 billion dollar portfolio. However, her journey would begin with some major disappointment.

To her disbelief, she unknowingly purchased an uncertified diamond, which found her travelling across the world from Dubai to the United States. It was coincidently on her return flight home where she began chatting with a Hong Kong-based jeweller whose words she would not take lightly. The new acquaintance encouraged her by saying that Deepali was a jeweller at heart - and that she could turn her passion into a career.

This statement would resonate within Sawlani and contribute to her desire to continue focusing on her dream. Regardless of being fleeced when buying a solitaire diamond in Mumbai, followed by the world changing event of 9/11 – she continued to pursue her calling. Leading her to exit the world of finance and delve into a career as a gemologist.

Fast-forward 13 years and the designer is praised for her rich and meticulous collections that are true works of art. Now residing in Melbourne, Sawlani has also founded Garden of Diamonds after noticing an increasing demand for diamond solitaire jewels.

Break away from uniformity and elevate your style game by dazzling in accessory show-stoppers by Simply Rocks this spring racing season.

With the aspiration to celebrate each and every gem's own natural beauty and innate allure - Sawlani leads the way with her flair for colour and intricate creations.

Her Dubai socialite clients rave about her rare and precious jewels and gems that are total standouts. Each piece will transform and elevate your style game with a unique touch that is breath taking and eye-catching. Her designs bridge the gap between fashion-forward luxury and timeless classics. Each piece holds its own admirable signature that will inspire the wearer time and time again.

Sawlani has become Australia's leading and highly-trusted, bespoke designer and jeweller, priding herself in creating accessories that will set the who's who of Australia apart from the crowd.

The racing season offers the opportunity to drip in diamonds and strikingly, elegant coloured stones trackside. Which is why Simply Rock's exclusive collection will put the wow-factor into your wardrobe!

This spring racing carnival, opt to make a statement and choose from an array of handmade, traditional beaded necklaces, carved gemstone earrings, special designer rings and signature pieces. Trust Deepali Sawlani and simply indulge in wearing only the most fabulous jewels trackside.

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