Seven Times You were Super Sexy and didn’t Know it

1. When we're sober and everybody else is drunk

Unlike just about everybody else in the bar, we were only two champagnes down, not eight, and were entirely capable of keeping our shoes on, holding a conversation with that handsome man at the bar and not being sick. We can guarantee, he appreciated it and thought you were super sexy – and a good dancer.

2. When we kept the girls under wraps

Boobs or bum, back or legs, pick and asset and werk it instead of getting all the goods out. Think of the date wardrobe as a teaser, and keep a pleasant surprise for the bedroom.

3. After gym

We're sweaty, our hair is a mess and our makeup has run – and guys love it. They like the fact we're working out in the first place and taking care of our bodies all the while doing it in yoga pants. They also like to know how fit we are, how long our stamina lasts and a teaser of what we look like after a good workout (do you get where we're going with this).

4. When we're naked

Bridget Jones taught us how to hide our "wobbly bits" but Mark Darcy taught there was no need to. As vulnerable as being naked is, he's also in the buff so make the most of it.

5. When we can walk in 6 inch stilettoes

Besides the fact they make our legs look great, the ability to walk tall in high shoes is a rare feat. It shows perseverance, dedication, strength and endurance. It also makes guys wander what else we're capable of.

6. When we have our life together and know what we want

Some goals, long-term future projections and values might seem like part of the package but they all contribute to our over-all visage. There is nothing more important than knowing where you're going with life and what you want -either in the workplace or the bedroom. Men find it sexy to be told what to do when they're naked and if they don't, find a new man.

7. When we're independent

We might be the classy girl in the bar, the stylish fashionista in six inch stilettoes with the values and the body to match but it's all wasted if we're needy. If we need to be picked up, need a sponsor and need to be needed 100% of the time, all the sexy in the world isn't going to save us. Make a living, support yourself and know when to have your own life because men always want what they can't have. But when they manage to fit into your schedule, they'll make up for lost time.