Seven reasons the fashion industry is a valuable asset to the modern world

1. It’s worth $1.7 trillion
Take $1.7 trillion (and growing) out of the global economy and we’re going to have another global financial crisis situation on our hands. Any industry which has a sole basis of selling goods at an average of $500 a piece not only has the power of the consumer but the power of Wall Street. Nothing says dedicated and powerful like owning shares in the same company we buy shoes from.

2. 75 million people work in the industry
That’s equal to more than three times the population of Australia. There isn’t a lot 75 million people can’t make happen – whether it be sustainable production, making white the new black or hosting a run way set in a grocery store. The power of 75 million people with the same passion, similar goals and parallel perspectives of the world can only equal success.

3. It’s innovative
Every industry is striving for innovation, to be world-first, to be iconic and the fashion industry is right up there in thinking outside the shoe box. We’re talking about digitally printing fascinators, producing clothes with low greenhouse gas emissions and turning an idea into a revolution. What they can do, so can we – only in new season pieces.

4. It’s creative
So we-ve drawn in the master minds, made the money and started an innovation but the creativity behind the success of the fashion industry is the driving force. It didn’t become so big, so involved and so wealthy by following the crowd, doing as we were told and not pushing the design boundaries. How do you think spanx came about?

5. It’s competitive
There is absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition to keep an industry alive, a career thriving and incomes growing. While there is support and mentorship in the right places, the competitive nature of the fashion industry – and our 75 million competitors - gives us the fire in our soles to improve every day. The industry is electrifying.

6. It pays homage to the past
The fashion industry is a niche group of influencers which is constantly striving for the future – think the circa 2009 perspex movement for instance. But beyond looing forward, the industry as a whole draws on and is influenced by the greats of the past. In Spring/ Summer we’re already in 2020 but in Autumn/ Winter we’re all about Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen.

7. We all look good because of it
What a dull place the world would be without the fashion industry. The fash-pack is sharing their research, their wealth of knowledge and new concepts about dressing with the rest of the world in the form of designers, stylists and make-up artists. While we all go about contributing to the evolution of the world in our own way, you can all be grateful the fashion industry added a bit a glam to the process.