Season after Season

Who ever heard of the synthetic stilettoes out-living their leather counterparts? Plus authentic high quality items wear more smoothly and still look like new next season!


Shop around for a variety of essential items; the little black dress, a denim coat, a great pair of jeans, some flattering trousers and shoes to match. This will allow for those items to be worn throughout summer or winter, or in between, and the ability to match with lively statement pieces as trends emerge. For instance, the little black dress is teamed with a denim coat, opaque stockings and a cashmere scarf during the cooler months, then in summer, it is brightened with matching statement jewellery in a bold colour and metallic sandals. Suddenly that Chanel number is so easily justified for nobody does the chic little black dress like Chanel!

Finally, to get true wear from outfits season by season, layering is the best option . Ever thought that strappy red floral day dress was a summer once-off? Pop a white t-shirt underneath, team with a cream woollen cardigan, switch the sandals for pumps and voila! Hello Autumn! Team the flirty summer shorts with an over-sized jumper or coat to channel a relaxed, but sightly cosier day-time look. Carrie Bradshaw knows dressing to suit the cooler months like none-other!

Although the seasons may be changing, don't feel the desperate need to rush out for a whole new wardrobe. Your new-season outfits might be last season's basics! But don't let that spoil your shopping enthusiasm.