Sarah Jessica Parker debunks SATC myths

Sarah Jessica Parker reveals she has a disappointing closet

If you're an avid Fashion Weekly reader than you'll know we're obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. We also have this fascination with Sarah Jessica Parker. Even though we've been told that Bradshaw is fictional, we keep hoping that Parker is somewhat the real life version of the character we fell in love with.

Net-a-Porter has decided to clear the air in this exclusive video where Parker shines the spotlight on the myths that keep us on the edge of our seats.

Titled, Shoes, Lies and Videotape with Sarah Jessica Parker, that clip starts off with her saying, "Does shoes maketh the woman?"

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The interview takes place on a lush bedroom bench in the middle of the ultimate dream wardrobe filled with boxes and boxes of designer stilettos. The actress sports her bronde straight locks with a signature smokey eye as she casually hunches over in blue jeans and a grey (we assume cashmere) sweater.

As our hopeful ears prick up to hear every word that is spoken, the shock level quickly sets in with too many truths to bare.

The hardest thing to grasp: she says her closet is a massive disappointment... Why oh why!

Parker is in fact as normal, beautiful and amazing as we thought. But she really is different to the Bradshaw we became attached to on-screen. #ShoeDreamsCrushed

Grab the tissues and watch the video below.