Sad day for Brisbane with Stone and Metal closing down

It has definitely been a sad day within the Brisbane Fashion Industry, with deluxe accessories label, Stone and Metal, announcing that they are closing. The news comes just hours after Easton Pearson’s shock announcement that they are shutting down.

Owner, metalsmith and jewellery designer of Stone and Metal’s intricate pieces, Samantha Anderson, stated that the sad decision has been made regarding her need to focus on her health.

“As many of you know I have been unwell for some time. At first I hoped it would pass quickly and I stepped back from the business to give my health the focus I felt it needed. As it turns out it was a long and arduous battle to first get answers and then find treatment,” said Anderson.

The shingles that Anderson experienced in 2012 resulted in a set of ongoing medical complications, finally leaving the talented jeweller with oro-pharyngeal dysphagia, an inability to swallow food.

“On a recent trip to the US where I met with one of my doctors, a possible opportunity arose to take part in human trials for a new stem cell treatment for dysphagia. An opportunity that would simply be too good to miss. As a result I have decided to temporarily close Stone And Metal to focus on my health and head to the US for treatment,” said Anderson.


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Anderson has cited her amazing staff and family for their ongoing support, passion and their ability to step up when she couldn’t.

“It really has been a wonderful, supportive, collaborative team effort and I can't thank them enough. They should all be so proud of what we've achieved,” said Anderson.

Despite the sad news, Anderson promises that the closing of Stone and Metal isn’t forever, it’s just temporary.


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“Please know it is for now and not forever. I plan to be back bigger, better (and healthier) than before! I'd like to thank you all for the love and support and inspiration you have all given us over the last 6 years. It's why I do what I do and it's why I love what I do.”

While we are incredibly saddened that one of our favourite Brisbane-based jewellers is closing, we wish Samantha and her family all the luck and happiness for the future.

Stone and Metal will officially close their doors on Sunday, 29th of May.