Rick Owens controversially showcases his SS16 collections

We all know that fashion can be a pretty out there, especially when it comes to high fashion. Rick Owens, known for his controversial fashion shows, took the craziness to a whole new level at Paris Fashion week, sending his models draped- or better, straddled- by other models for his SS16 collection.

The harnessed models hung upside down against the walking models, almost like backpacks, making it confusing as to what the looks actually were. If purchasing items from the collection would we need to find someone willing to strap to our bodies?!


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However, the message behind the confusing show has been cleared up on by Owens himself, who told Dazed that the show is a nod to feminism.

"Women raising women, women becoming women, and women supporting women,” said Owens.

We’re just impressed by how strong some of these fashion models can be.