Resortwear label SKARONG leads as top summer staple

There is no one way to look stylish and cool with Australian resortwear label, SKARONG.
Shop the Beach SKARONGS collection today.

With cocktail affairs and summer soirees in full swing, there’s a new kind of wardrobe staple that’s returning to the scene and it’s fabulously fearless and unashamedly effortless in its appeal.

There’s no question the beach is a summer destination but how many of us cringe at the mere thought of what to wear. From panicking about our not-so bikini ready bodies, to staying cool and covered all the while wondering if a genius piece exists that can take us from the pool to a party.

Imagine our excitement when we discovered SKARONG, a restortwear label made in Australia that has the solution to our wardrobe needs. Husband and wife designer duo, Jeremy and Marielle, together have completely re-invented the humble sarong.

Both are creatives at heart, Marielle studied Fashion and Textile Design at University of Technology Sydney and has worked for several years in the fashion industry designing and illustrating for various labels. “Resortwear is my where my heart lies so for me it was natural to conceive SKARONG,” says Marielle.

To complement the pair’s skillset even more, Jeremy studied Art and Printmaking at The Australian College of Art. “His art and design background is invaluable when it comes to choosing prints and fabric colours as we continually bounce ideas of each other.”

We’ve all owned a sarong at one point, but SKARONG is wiping the slate clean. Forget the struggles! Thanks to their globally patented design, its uniquely cut style flatters every figure. With a cleverly placed seam, avoid unnecessary peek-abo-drama with this simple essential that has been transformed into a closet favourite.

There is no one way to look stylish and cool with Australian resortwear label, SKARONG.
Shop the Beach SKARONGS collection today.

“Like most young girls I used to live in my sarongs at the beach, struggling to tie and wear them while looking good at the same time! I have witnessed the frustration of many beachgoers who wanted to look effortless and sexy while wearing their bulky sarongs, but failed because they desperately had to hold the edges closed so it wouldn’t be too revealing,” Marielle explained.

“I needed something I could wear not only at the beach over my swimming outfit but wear straight from the beach to lunch or drinks. I wanted to create a design that was both sleek, elegant and edgy.”

She goes on to say, “It was inevitable that this would be the catalyst for my inspiration that would eventually lead to SKARONG.”

Wearing SKARONG gives you full power over your resortwear choices. People want to know where it’s from and how they can get their manicured hands on one. Simply put, their clothes are a conversational statement.

Believe it or not, the SKARONG will take you from the beach, to the bar and beyond. These cleverly crafted pieces are available in block colours of black, white and indigo through to bold prints in bright colours. The Luxe Collection lends itself to attention demanding metallic fabrics in rose gold, champagne gold, yellow gold, silver and black. No matter your mood, they have a style to suit, so you can show off your inner goddess.

Multifunctional sounds so done, but SKARONG’s designs can be worn an endless amount of ways. From a skirt, to a strapless dress, even a halter top and so much more. It’s a staple that when tied differently, can steal the spotlight at the races, a wedding, drinks with the girls or poolside with a cocktail in hand. Regardless of the occasion, this is summer’s uniform.

There is a sophisticated sexiness about the Australian label’s designs. The fabrics skim over the female figure allowing for a flattering fit. The material drapes and hugs in all the right places. The open slit hints clothes that slip away rather than slip up. Think sultry in a tropical form.

There is no one way to look stylish and cool with Australian resortwear label, SKARONG.
Shop the Luxe SKARONGS collection today.

Although the SKARONG is comfortable and fuss free to wear, there is a rarity and complexity about the design which is their defining factor. Vivid colours hint inspiration from the sunshine and salty sea air of Australian beaches. The best part, the fabrics don’t crush, so there’s no pressing needed and they’re light and easy to pack for when you travel abroad.

SKARONGS are a modern interpretation of ageless and timeless. Their customers vary from young teenage girls from 15 years through to mature women in their 70s and they’re also a favourite amongst expecting mums.

The masterminds behind the local label are passionate about preserving the environment so their collections are ethically produced, and on photoshoots they only use cruelty free makeup.

With SKARONG, you’ll be carried away with breezy pieces in summer’s favourite colour palettes. Available in 3 different lengths, Mini, Mid (knee length) and Maxi. Sizes range from 6-14. SKARONG is sold online and in high end boutiques nationally, click here to find your nearest stockist.

Turn beachside dreams into a reality and start shopping the SKARONG collection today on their website and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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