Outrageous and shocking race day confessions


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We all know how enjoyable the spring races are, it’s always fun to let your hair down and celebrate with friends. However, sometimes the day doesn’t go completely to plan. We asked our readers to send in their most cringe-worthy, hilarious and scandalous race day confessions. Here are their juicy responses.

Sweat Crisis

I went to the spring races and didn't plan for the warm weather. Before I left home, my outfit was flawless. I sported a pastel pink pencil skirt with polyester lining and a buttoned, lace-white shirt. Not long after I had a champagne in hand, we headed trackside and I started melting from the heat. We took a quick break and sat under an umbrella, but when I stood up, my skirt had stuck to my butt and thighs and I had the most embarrassing sweat patches! I honestly wanted to the ground to swallow me up.

Josie, 24, QLD

Foundation Disaster

Being a beauty lover, a day at the races called for a new foundation. This year was particularly hot and I was wearing a fascinator with a veil detail. As the weather started heating up my face became clammy and my full coverage foundation started melting off my face. This made the veil of my fascinator stick to my skin. When I finally decided to remove my fascinator I had little square imprints on my skin. It was not a great look and I definitely learnt to wear dewy and light makeup to the races.

Fiona, 24, QLD

Race Day First Timer 

It was my first time attending the races as you can imagine I put a lot of thought into making sure everything was perfect. Finally the big day arrived and I felt completely gorgeous. However, the excitement got to me and I over indulged in the champagne. To be honest the whole day is a bit of a blur, but I did make a cameo appearance on the 6pm news. As you can imagine it wasn’t pretty, and my friends still haven’t let me live it down.

Lauren, 22, QLD

A Dirty Lesson

Last year was the first time I went to the races and I wore a white dress. Being as pale as I am it was a necessity to fake tan. One fresh fake tan + one fab white dress = one big disaster! Not only that but the weather was really dry and there were dust storms next to the race course so in addition to tan stains, my dress went a completely different colour from the dirt. Luckily most people had too many drinks to notice that I looked like I had rolled in dirt and thank goodness for Napisan that saved my dress!

 Emily, 21, QLD

Trackside Downfall

It was my first time at the races and I had organised a group of my friends to meet me there. I was standing on the grass in my fancy heels and floral dress when I spotted a girlfriend I hadn't seen in years. I was so excited to see her that I decided to 'gallop' and I fell flat on my face. The worst thing was, it had been raining the day before, so the grass was still a little damp. I had mud marks on the front of my dress and I totally ruined my shoes!

 Carrie, 27, QLD

Scandalous Flirty Friend

I have a friend that likes to flirt, despite being in a happy relationship with her partner for 5 plus years. I was at the races with a big group of friends; however a few hours in I noticed that my friend-the-flirt had gone AWOL. To make a long story short, I went to investigate and I found her behind the toilet blocks completely making out with some random guy! Thankfully the floral dress she was wearing was quite common, but I couldn’t believe it! To this day I have never said a word, and she doesn’t know I saw her that day.

Sarah, 29, NSW

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