Power Dressing

And where there's confidence, there's the image of power and authority which can lead to success in the workplace and attainment in the social arena and your private lives. Who doesn't need a bit of extra confidence around Valentine's Day, single or not?


Dressing to suit the occasion and your body type doesn't necessarily mean following prominent trends. Choose clothes and accessories that you're comfortable in. Slightly longer hemlines and higher collars can create confidence and comfort where more revealing pieces might make you feel a bit self-aware, creating a timid or shy image. That being said, if there's a particular part of your body you love, don't be afraid to show it. Clinched waists accentuate curves and soaring stilettoes lengthen legs. Gucci and Donna Karan certainly have the power suit under control! It shows to others if you feel good in what you're wearing.

The most important accessory to a killer outfit is of course your head held high, a bright smile and knowing you look fantastic! Happy power dressing!

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