Photo flawless: how to strike the perfect pose

The tips and tricks that will have you looking like a supermodel in your next snap.

How to take the perfect photo

Looking and feeling our best in front of the camera can be a difficult feat. More often than not we feel disappointed with how we look, and beg our friends to never post the photo on social media. However, the secret to always looking amazing in photos is perfecting your pose. These tips will have you looking incredible in every photo!

Knee pop

Forget squats and lunges, it's as easy as bending your knee! Keep one leg straight and bend the other (as if you were about to jump on to your tip toes). This simple pop will create some serious leg definition.

Skinny arm

Self conscious about your arms? We hear you! Next time there's a photo op, try raising one shoulder (like when you don't know the answear to a question), and bring it slightly across your body and let it hang down, and voila!

Leg crossover

Seated photos are the worst. Your legs almost always look five times their usual size (or at least that's our excuse). Try crossing one leg over the other for an added sliming effect – you can thank us later.

Booty snap

It's like a stationary bend and snap... sort of. Arch your back, push out your chest and show off your assets and you'll be mistaken for a Kardashian in no time.

Chin up

Nobody likes a double chin. Avoid this major malfunction by slightly lifting your chin. It might feel unnatural, but it will have your jawline looking strong and sleek.

Profile shot

Sometimes, straight on just doesn't cut it. Tilt your head to the side and keep your eyes at ground level for the perfect, pensive shot.

Slow walk

You heard us, get on your feet. Slowly walk a few steps forward to capture a less staged, 100% Instagram worthy shot.

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Fake laugh

An oldie but a goodie, you can never go wrong with the classic laughing shot. So, throw your head back and giggle away – just try to make it look sincere.

Collar bones

Raise your shoulders and bring them forward to show off your (surprisngly sexy) clavical. Add a little contour for an extra pop!

Hip tilt

A weird one, but try tilting your hips and shoulders backwards in a hunch and say hello to a deceptively toned tummy – who knew?!

Go ahead and get snapping!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis