New Metre Market to switch up Brisbane's fashion culture

Rack of clothes at Metre Market

The hunt to find a market in Brisbane that has a clothing focus has sent us down Struggle Street quite a number of times. If you're anything like us than you'd know that shopping for unique and vintage fashion pieces can be an ordeal and a half.

But fear not! The hunt for pre-loved designer and vintage clothing is now within reach for all Brisbane gals.

Metre Market, a new boutique market, is the answer to all of our prayers! Finally, there is a collective, affordable and fuss free platform for fashionistas to clear out their wardrobes and make some extra cash along with providing an opportunity for up-and-coming designers to showcase and sell their 'never before seen' work.

Metre Market shoes

Embodying the essence of positive vibes, Metre Markets will also have on offer gourmet food trucks, coffee vans, live local music, art installations, henna tents, fresh market blooms and much more.

Ladies, make sure you clear your diaries and grab your girlfriends for a fab day of cardio, well shopping cardio! Head along and support some great local talent and creatives at Morningside School of Arts (Cnr Wynnum Rd & Ison St) on Sunday 7th February form 9am-2pm.

For more information please visit

Words: Isla Perrett

7 Ways to make getting dressed in the morning easier

Pastel clothes rack

So you spend your mornings hitting snooze more times than you can count only to jump out of bed and into the shower merely minutes before you have to leave for work? It is likely then that as stylish as you might consider yourself, you cringe at the thought of putting an outfit together when your brain is still pre-coffee foggy and you literally only have seconds!

These wardrobe hacks will guide you to a more streamlined closet that will make getting dressed and looking great easier than ever before.

1. Ensure you have quality basics

There should be a balance between trendy items and quality basics in your wardrobe. No matter what your personal style, there are staple items that every woman needs.

- A sleek black blazer that can pass as casual or dressy.
- Quality cotton tees in white, black and grey.
- The perfect fitting black skinny jeans.
- Classic pumps that you can walk in.
- A leather jacket.
- A well-fitting and comfortable LBD.

Monochromatic clothes rack

2. Organise your wardrobe

Living with a messy and cluttered wardrobe will make getting dressed hard! Organise your closet into categories to ensure you know exactly what you have to work with.

3. Refresh your wardrobe once a week

Spend your Sunday afternoon going through your wardrobe and, thinking about the week ahead, pull some pieces that you would like to wear and place it on a separate clothing rail. Every Sunday, place all the items back into your closet and re-fresh your weekly picks.

Ensure all the items in your wardrobe are clean, free of stains and creasing and aren’t damaged.

4. Look stylish through layering

The simplest of outfits - like jeans and a tee - can be dressed up by adding layering pieces like a sleeveless vest or accessories. The key to layering without looking frumpy is to work with pieces that are varied in length.

Outfit ideas

5. Preparation is key

We are all constantly glued to our smartphones so why not make the most of fashion and style apps?

Keep track of what’s in your closet and which items would look good styled together with these apps:

Closet+ FREE (In-app purchases)
Closet+ allows you to snap images of your clothes and add items together to create an outfit. The app integrates with your smartphone calendar for streamlined outfit planning.

Stylebook $3.99
Stylebook allows you to take photos of the items in your closet, edit the background and put together potential outfits. Other features include packing and shopping lists, wardrobe planning and outfit inspiration.

6. Use texture and patterns to add interest to an outfit

Outfit ideas

Add a stylish edge to your outfit while ensuring your clothing pieces can be worn in many ways by choosing items with unique textures and prints.

On-trend textures: Faux fur, leather, fringing, metallic and lace details.
On-trend prints: Safari chic, romantic and abstract florals, stripes in all sizes and thickness and bold gingham prints.

7. Have one go-to handbag

As tempting as it is to match your purse to your outfit, keep things simple and avoid having to transfer your daily essentials by sticking with one bag during the week. Look for styles that are big enough to carry your essentials but not too big that you will gather unnecessary items and monochrome colours to match your daily style.

Words: Frances van Eeden

Sex takes centre stage on the runway once again

Penis shaped necklace

The 'sex sells' motto has clearly taken to the high fashion runway.

While we believe fashion is a form of art and expression, we are so over seeing sex and genitals on the runway instead of well crafted fashion pieces.

Vivienne Westwood is the latest designer to combine sex and fashion on the runway as she debuted penis shaped pendants within her menswear collection in Milan last week.

Designers are no longer keeping their ‘nod’ to sex and genitals on the runway subtle. The large metal pendants being the clear point of focus on these looks.

Penis shaped necklace

Penis shaped necklace

Penis shaped necklace

Last year, Rick Owens had male models walking down the runway with exposed genitals on display for his Fall/Winter 15/16 collection and draped women on women as accessories for his Spring/Summer ’16 runway.

We all know that fashion can be a pretty out there, especially when it comes to high fashion but are these designers taking it too far? Should there be a more definite line between art and consumer fashion?

Image: Source

Words: Frances van Eeden

Style tips on how to always have an outfit for every occasion

Rack of clothes

There is a seemingly endless cycle in fashion and it's not just the way things seem to come back in style every few seasons. We're talking about how there only ever seems to be two styles represented in our wardrobe - day and evening - when really there are a whole host of differences in these categories and nuances between a thousand daytime and night looks. For example, is your day spent on the beach or in the office? Are your nights spent at a casual restaurant or the hottest club in town? 'Daywear' and 'Evening Wear' doesn't really say a whole lot about an ensemble after all!

Do you have an outfit for every occasion? It's important to stock up, just in case...

A night at the casino
Whether you and the girls have managed to save enough to get all the way to Las Vegas, or you're just hoping for a night that is fabulous, then a night at the casino would call you to go all out in the style stakes. It's a time to finally wear all the glitz and glam that can often look tacky and overdone for an ordinary night out. It's the one night that you can go big on sequins!

Spilling glitter

"love in glitter" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Shanna Mae

Of course, it's all about putting on a confident face to fit in, too. So if you don't have a clue about any kind of gambling, no fear. You can prep online these days, and have a go at the pokies and all kinds of other options from the comfort of your very own home - simply click on a pokie game and start playing! You'll look like you fit in in no time!

A day at the beach
Okay, here in Australia, it's pretty simple - if you're coastal, you've got beachwear, it's a given. It's not just about selecting a bikini, though. There's everything else that comes along with that. Shoes-wise, it's sandals. And you'll need a kaftan or sarong. Don't ever let yourself down with the bag, either - you'll need it for summer necessity, sunscreen (you don't want the consequences!). Finally, sunglasses are a major deal. It's easy to look stylish with so many different shade options.

Ocean"Burleigh Heads" (CC BY 2.0) by stevepaustin

A night at a gig
When it comes to a gig, you want to look good (especially if it's a date!), but you don't want to be completely out of place. It's a great compromise to shop and find something stylish but practical. You can't go wrong with a pair of form-fitting black skinnies, and perhaps some knee high boots. Why not opt for a cotton shirt and some statement jewellery - this look is casual but yes still dressy. Keep your hair simple and tied up, with make-up being smokey and dramatic, and hey presto! You're good to go.

Alexander McQueen’s story is coming to the big screen

Alexander McQueen

The fashion savvy will be excited to know the truly inspirational story of Alexander McQueen is to be captured on film, from his remarkable success in the fashion industry to his tragic fall.

The biopic will be directed by Andrew Haigh, who won the Best British Film award at the 2015 Edinburgh Film Festival with his film 45 Years, which tells the story of an aging couple and their faltering relationship.

Deadline reports that the film will be written by Chris Urch and produced by Damian Jones and Pathe. The film will not be based solely on McQueen’s biography Blood Beneath The Skin, but rather draw from a range of research.

Cat his show

The production will tell the story of Lee Alexander McQueen, raised in London where he apprenticed on Savile Row and learnt the art of tailoring before attending Central Saint Martins.

Right after graduating from Central Saint Martins, McQueen launched his label which quickly became a success, known for its dramatic constructed pieces, combining elements of British tailoring with French couture. McQueen also served as head designer at Givenchy during the late 90s.

Following the death of his mother, McQueen committed suicide at his London home in 2010.

Production on the film is expected to begin at the end of the year, stay tuned for more details on the biopic.

Must have shoe trends you need to rock this summer

We're thrilled to share with you are top shoe trends to rock this summer! Whether your going out for a night on the town, running errands or heading to a Sunday brunch, there is a shoe pair here that's sure to make your pedicured toes curl with excitement!

Which trend will you try?Shop the shoe trends for summer 2016 below. 

LIPSTIK, Kimbah Black $89.95

DJANGO & JULIETTE, Nancie Multi $169.95


MOLLINI, Favor Powder Blue $169.95

WINDSOR SMITH, Gillie Electric Blue $139.95

MOLLINI, Quartet Rose Gold Metallic $159.95

MOLLINI, Millionaire Tan $129.95

SIREN, Declan Caramel $69.98

MOLLINI, Latch Black Suede $159.95

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4 Timeless footwear styles to add to your summer wardrobe

Shoe trends

Make getting dressed easier this season with a capsule shoe-drobe, containing only the essentials that can be styled for many occasions. These four stylish styles will see you through the summer season.

The black pointed-toe pump

This style is work appropriate, date appropriate and easily dressed down with a pair of casual boyfriend jeans. The patent finish and pointed toe of the Tony Bianco Leola shoe makes it a timeless staple in your wardrobe.

 Black pointed pumps

The stylish sneaker

The Nike Roshe Run is a great shoe for when you want to look stylish in your active wear. The sneakers also look super cute styled with casual shorts for a summer day.

Nike sneakers

The heeled sandal

If you're heading somewhere that still requires a chic heel but you don't want to wear your go-to pumps, a pair of tan heeled sandals is essential! The Tony Bianco Fortune sandals feature a block heel for ultimate comfort, making the shoe ideal when you will be standing for a long time.

Heeled sandal shoes

The casual flats

A stylish pair of sandals is essential in summer when the humidity gets too high or when you are running errands and need something to easily slip on. The Sol Sana Lucy Slides will be your go-to sandals this season.

Casual flat shoes

Words: Frances van Eeden

How to find your unique personal style

Girl with unique headband

Wouldn't it be fabulous to never struggle to find something to wear everyday. Imagine what it would be like to open your wardrobe and know that everything you owned looked amazing on you. Wouldn't it be nice to go out in public and have random strangers compliment you and ask where you shop.

Well, that’s what it’s like when you embrace your unique personal style.

The key is knowing exactly what styles are for you, what expresses your authentic energy and what gives people the right first impression. This positive attitude will empower you to shine!

Are you beginning to see how important this is?

I’m about to tell you how you can discover your personal style. But first the question must be raised, "Do you listen to what others tell you to wear?" "Do you compare yourself to your friends and do you worry about what people think of you?"

If you said yes to any of those things, then it's time to let go of those insecurities. The key to finding your own style is saying goodbye to everyone else’s idea of style. You have to let go of wanting to be like anyone else. This is about you and only you.

Here are my top tips for finding your unique personal style and making it your competitive advantage:

1. Know yourself and what makes you come alive
Fast fashion trends are for followers. But if you are reading this then you are a leader. And the best way a leader can lead, is to know herself. The way you can stay ahead of the pack is to understand who you are and what sets your soul on fire. Ask yourself the following questions to start the process of self-inquiry:

-When do I feel most alive?
-What impression do I want to give people when they meet me for the first time?
-What energy do I want to exude?
-What colours and patterns do I love?
-What is my favourite fashion era?
-If I could inherit a celebrity’s wardrobe, whose would it be and what do I love about it most?

Collect inspiration on your Pinterest account and begin to storyboard styles that you are obsessed with and dream of wearing.

2. Shop where other people don’t
By using the knowledge of self discovery, know that it's now time to explore alternative and independent boutiques to shop your new wardrobe. This means experimenting by popping intoyour cities best kept secrets! You'll be able to find many one-off treasures by simply stepping out of your comfort zone and playing with fashion. Make sure you add an array of brands to your wardrobe list from malls or department stores, along with discovering your new favourite thrift or vintage shop. Emering designers always have some truly special pieces and they can be found at the local fashion markets or even local boutiques.

3. Be memorable
Standing out in the crowd means you can’t look like everybody else! And you’ll be surprised who notices. I’ve had CEO’s and even a world famous writer approach me to compliment my outfit, because I didn’t fit in to the standard ‘uniform’ most people wear. Making fashion fun, bright, but still appropriate for the environment means you will be remembered for all the right reasons – especially if you follow the final tip below.

4. Own it! Have confidence you Rock Star!
The final and most important part of unique style is having the confidence to ‘OWN IT’. It is not your problem if other people don’t like what you are wearing. But it is your responsibility to ignore them. Confidence precedes the actual clothing every time. By standing tall, making eye contact and smiling genuinely at people, you will leave a lasting positive impression on everyone you meet.

Words: Stacey Brown


Contributor Bio
Stacey Brown is a Style and Confidence Coach, from Sydney. From the age of four, she found freedom and self-expression through clothing. Having studied Fashion Technology at TAFE and Fashion Immersion at world Top 10 Fashion College, the Paris Fashion Institute, Stacey has an eye for a unique bold style. Whilst working in various fashion roles over the last 18 years, she pursued her passion for contributing positively to the world, studying NLP and Coaching. Last year, she merged her experience in fashion with her drive to empower women to find the confidence to be unashamedly themselves and launched her business 'Fox Park'.


How to pull off wide leg trousers for a short stature

Girls with short stature wearing wide leg trousers

Chances are if - like some of us in the Fashion Weekly office - you are slightly vertically challenged, you have been told you shouldn’t rock wide leg pants.

As a short girl who loves rocking palazzo pants, I am here today to tell you this is a lie. You can totally wear those wide leg trousers!

4 Things to keep in mind when choosing the right style for your short stature:

Don’t go high waisted

Despite what you’ve read, wide leg pants in high waisted styles will not make you look taller! High waisted pants cut off your torso, therefore only opt for this fit in skinny or cigarette leg trousers.

Fake your height with heels

High heels will elongate your legs and even out the proportions of the wide pant leg.

Keep your top half tidy

Balance out a flared leg with less drama on top. To avoid looking disheveled, make sure the hem of your blouse doesn’t fall below your hip bone. For a chic look, style wide leg trousers with a fitted or boxy top that shows a sliver of skin.

Think about colour and pattern

If you are unsure about rocking palazzo pants, opt for darker colours like black or navy which are less bold. Vertical lines paired with a block colour top will create the illusion of longer length through your legs.

At the end of the day, fashion is about expression. We say, if you want to flaunt a style do it confidently regardless of the trends or rules!

Words: Frances van Eeden

The Australian summer trends to rock in 2016

Australian Fashion Trends

With the latest Australian summer fashion trends overwhelming our social media feeds for 2016, we've decided to share a little insight into our latest wish list inspired by the best fashion trends for the season.

Including everything from high-waisted flares, metallic clothing and oversized retro sunglasses, there's something for everyone no matter the occasion or your style.

High-waisted flares


A photo posted by Por Bella Braga (@achadosbabados) on

The 70's silhouette is massive this season - especially when it comes to denim. So this summer, push those skinny jeans aside and step into a pair of high-waisted flares. Team the style with a crisp white shirt, block heel and oversized bag for a modern take on this retro look.

Metallic clothing

White bags

One of the biggest Australian summer trends for 2016 will be simply mesmerizing. Iridescent fabrics will have you turning heads and shining throughout this season. Let the metallic fabric speak for itself by keeping the rest of your look quite simple and understated. To make it pop, team your lustrous piece with a strappy stiletto, matte clutch and nude lip.

White bags are the new fashion crush for the season. You'll find them as an irresistible Australian summer trend for 2016. There's nothing more chic, elegant or sophisticated than a white 'it' bag against bronzed skin, chunky platforms and bold accessories.

90's slip dress


A photo posted by Filomena Natoli (@filomena_makeup) on

There's something super sexy about a slip dress from the 90's. It's effortless and flattering and will take you from day to dusk in major style. This body skimming number is playful and easy to experiment with when it comes to accessories. Because it is such a timeless style, almost anything goes with the slip dress! This season, add an oversized clutch, metallic sandals and tasseled hair for a fresh take on a minimalistic look.

Shoulder grazing statement earrings

Dramatic earrings are summer 2016's go-to! This season you must adorn your lobes with statement earrings that graze at the shoulder. It's bold, beautiful, daring and totally fabulous. Play with your look and team this flirty accessory with bright and busy looks. Don't be afraid to add more or less, as this season is all about experimentation.

Oversized retro sunglasses

Oversized retro sunglasses prevail in true form as a key Australian summer trend for 2016. Let's be honest, they are comfy and totally practical! Shades demand attention and you can be the ultimate trendsetter by simply adding a red lip, statement necklace and cheeky smile to make an unforgettable impact.

The Australian summer trends for 2016 are listed above and as your Brisbane fashion magazine, we hope you embrace the upcoming season as fearless and fabulous fashionistas!

Get the look for less: Golden Globes 2016 celebrity styles

Golden Globes Fashion

The Golden Globes marks the beginning of the award season and the celebrity red carpet fashion choices is without a doubt a big influence on the season’s trends. The top stars dressed to impress this year, from Jennifer Lawrence’s statement red gown to Sophia Bush’s classic silhouette and plunging neckline.

Suggestive cut-out's and backless detailing along with strapless and sweetheart necklines were the most popular trends on the red carpet. Emulate your favourite celebrities' style with these looks for less!

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes Fashion

The star stunned in a hot red, cut-out gown by Dior. Recreate the style with these cross-over designs featuring subtle yet sexy cut-out detail.

  1. Fate, Astrid Dress $149.95
  2. C/MEO COLLECTIVE, What You Know Dress $159.95
  3. Lumier, Flamboyant Flame Off Shoulders Maxi $179.95

Kirsten Dunst in Valentino

Kirsten Dunst Golden Globes Fashion

Never one to shy away from daring silhouettes, Dunst flaunted a plunging, backless gown. Balance out a revealing neckline by opting for a longer hemline that falls below your knee.

  1. Maurie & Eve, Kahlo Dress $179.00
  2. C/MEO COLLECTIVE, First Thing Dress $259.95

Lily James in Marchesa

Lily James Golden Globes Fashion

James owned her Cinderella moment when she stepped out at the Golden Globes in this semi-sheer, white Marchesa design. Channel your inner Grecian goddess in a simple yet stunning figure hugging wrap dress.

  1. Misha Collection, Savannah Dress $320.00

Sophia Bush in Narciso Rodriguez

Sophia Bush Golden Globes Fashion

Proving that simple is still best, Bush flaunted a floor-sweeping black gown featuring a plunging neckline and form fitting silhouette. Imitate this sleek look for a sexy yet chic date night outfit that is sure to make heads turn.

  1. Nicholas, Bandage V-Wrap Waistband Gown $695.00
  2. Stylestalker, Silence Maxi $239.00

Taraji P. Henson in Stella McCartney

Taraji P. Henson Golden Globes Fashion

The Empire star made a bold statement in a strapless, all white gown featuring a cape-like train. Henson pulled off the daring skin-tight ensemble flawlessly. Pair a strapless, figure-hugging dress with bronze skin and minimal accessories for a chic look.

  1. SKIVA Clothing, Strapless Evening Dress with Split $289.00

All items are available for immediate delivery at THE ICONIC, with free overnight delivery available on purchases over $50 in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and New Zealand metro. Images supplied by THE ICONIC.

Words: Frances van Eeden

Gucci's S/S16 campaign takes peacocking to a whole new level


Alessandro Michele’s 2015 takeover as Creative Director at Gucci has transformed the labels streamlined designs into a whole new eccentric direction, dictated by bright decadence and vintage inspirations.


These themes are incredibly evident in the exclusive glimpses of Gucci’s exuberant Spring/Summer 16 campaign shoot. It features models wearing loud matching sets; shiny emerald green brocade suits, and patterned bomber jackets, with a special appearance of a peacock. This takes the term peacocking to a whole new level...


The cinematic campaign takes place in Berlin, following the Autumn/Winter campaign set in Los Angeles, and highlights the collections inspiration by the city it is shot in. For S/S16 it is said to be inspired by German’s 80s pop culture, however there are still strong 70s theme within the collection.


Photographed by Glen Luchford, Gucci’s S/S16 campaign is a far cry from Tom Ford’s high-gloss shoots. However, the Berlin backdrop brings the whole shoot together and creates an intimate narrative between the city and the extravagant, yet beautiful designs.