Power Dressing

Power Dressing


Power dressing defined: 'A style of clothing intended to make wearers seem authoritative and competent, especially in professional settings'.
Oh but there is so much more to power dressing than apparent success in the work place! The right wardrobe can lead to (relative) success in all aspects of everyday life, merely by creating self-assurance and confidence. It's that simple!

The concept 'power dressing' was developed in 1975 by the book Dress for Success, about the effect of clothing on a person's success in business and personal life. A sequel, The Women's Dress For Success Book followed in 1997. Both best sellers were written by John T. Molloy and popularized the power dressing craze which continues today.

Power dressing can be interoperated as dressing to suit your body type, the occasion, and even the whether to create a comfortable outfit in which the wearer is able to exert confidence.

How To: Statement Jewellery

How To: Statement Jewellery


The season of love and lust is upon us and nothing says Valentine's Day more than a fabulous piece (or two) of statement couture bling. Teamed with the right outfit and accessories, a fantastic proclamation piece can speak volumes of your personality!

But how exactly do you team statement jewellery with an outfit without the "trying too hard" label? The solution is one or the other; mix proud jewellery with an understated outfit for the perfect combination. Choose crisp whites and classic black to team with brightly coloured bling. Jewellery label Tebazile had the right idea during its runway show in Lagos, Nigeria, teaming flirty turquoise colours with a casual white shift dress, creating perfect bar-side glam.

Dior Resort 2013

Dior Resort 2013

Dior 2

It's the collection industry insiders are calling "the future before it happens". After replacing John Galliano in 2011, the creative director of Dior, Bill Gaytten has produced his final collection for the label. Dior Resort 2013 plays homage to all that is feminine, powerful and courageous. Just in time for Valentine's Day!

The collection is everything a woman needs in her wardrobe to convey a sexy, powerful, and confident image. Feminine black and white suiting is teamed with pleated skirts in shades of rich blue and floral. The ever-popular peplum makes a return alongside an all-season favourite, warm shades of rose pink. Musk coloured leather dresses and blazers make for a ladylike yet assertive image as classic crisp white pieces convey a slightly more casual look. Fashion forward suiting, perfect for the office, is complimented by fun and flirty frocks in soft shades with accentuated waists and flattering hem lines.

Welcome to the Valley

Welcome to the Valley - The Next Level in Eyewear


Step if you dare, into the world of VALLEY Eyewear where fashion, art, photography, music, surf and street collide, and your sunnies are the windows to your soul. Introducing a wild range of unisex sunglasses, the next generation of eyewear designed to inspire, innovate, and withstand the test of time.

Created by a small pack of artistic individuals who believe "that eyewear should be timeless

Headwear: The Lastest Accessory Trend

Headwear: The Lastest Accessory Trend


The sun is high in the sky, the breeze warm and summer trends have come out to play. So to has the season's hottest (quite literally) accessories which means men and women nation- wide have taken to the drawing board to find the most practical however none the less stylish pieces to suit. And the result: headwear!

The headwear and hat trend is fresh out of Europe where the fashionable and even not so would wear them as means of keeping warm and snow-free.

Muchacho: Changing Lanes

Muchacho: Changing Lanes


Muchacho was created by Bondi based designer Andy Cameron. It is a brand born on adventure in Central and South America where the atmosphere and way of life of the people is one of living for the moment and enjoying the moment.

Andy, is an avid photographer who decided to combine his love of fashion, photography and the Southern American way of life into his label. Muchacho is inspired by all things Latino- with Andy travelling back to Central and South America regularly for photographic expeditions to inspire his clothes.

The concept was to make 'easy to wear' with soft fabrics, unique prints and Andy's own images from his annual trips to South America- making his designs his own memoirs.

Retro Revival

Retro Revival


Prints are bold, colours are bright, silhouettes and sharp, flares are blazing and florals are a plenty. Ladies and gentlemen, it's been many decades but the retro trend has returned to grace our wardrobes once again. Is it here to stay?

The retro trend originates from a variety of dates, however most prominently the 1970's. And wasn't it an era in fashion history! Woodstock was at its best, Miami was alive with prints and colour and the 'hippie' population was out in force. Put this all together and what do we get? The birth of a timeless fashion trend.

It may have disappeared somewhat but the contemporary fashion industry's tendency to apply a modern twist to old things means there's a place for the distinctive trend once more.
The retro trend is popping up everywhere this season, from the beach to the office to the bar.

Adelaide Fashion Week

Adelaide Fashion Festival

19th October – 27th October 2012

Bringing style and glamour to Adelaide and South Australia each year, Australian Adelaide Fashion Festival is recognised by industry insiders as the State's premier fashion showcase event.

Presented by the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters and the Norwood Parade Precinct, Adelaide's premier fashion shopping and retail destination.

Photography: Cyclone Imaging by Michael Theodoridis

Location: Norwood Place

Date: 21st October 2012

Norwood Place - The Parade, Norwood is home to some of Adelaide's best fashion retailers and independant and unique boutiques, who came together to showcase the latest trends and whats hot for Spring/Summer Fashion as part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival.


Trend Alert! What's In for 2013

Trend Alert! What's In for 2013


With 2012 over and out, in comes 2013 with a bang! Bright, bold colours all the while creating a twist on the old with classic cuts that now look new again. Read on to find out what some of fashions top designers are hitting the runways with in 2013, for inspiration for your wardrobe pickings in the new year.

It’s all animal, playful print, loud colours and flashbacks to the cut out dress. No shortage of sexiness as the cutout dress is back. Already starting to make a comeback from late 2012, we will see even more of the sex appeal in 2013.

Take a look at this Neon Stretch Cutout Dress from new LA label Naven

A Bright Future

A Bright Future


Designer Lis Harvey, founded Nico Underwear because she felt there was need for women who wanted sexy underwear but couldn't find something that suited them.

Harvey launched her second collection 'Bright' in West End last month. Having felt the need to create a brand that could make woman feel sexy and staying true to her responsibility to be ethical she has designed something that is fun, bright and fabulous.

Top Ten Lust Haves for Christmas

Top Ten Lust Haves for Christmas

Words: Nina Hill


Buffalo Girl Carved Turquoise Wallet $295

This beautiful hand made leather turquoise wallet is a definite lust have for Christmas. Each wallet is hand made by Terry Cronin the designer of Buffalo Girl, each design individual and different from the next. You can even organise to have some designs custom made. These wallets are available in tan, dark brown and black. To order visit the Buffalo Girl website at



Dressing for a Work Party - Decoded

Dressing for a Work Party - Decoded



Thank goodness it's almost summer, we can all finally shed our dull winter wardrobes and get a little sun on our bodies. This time of year is traditionally 'party season', and if you've been working hard all year, you deserve to let off a little steam at the office sun downer or Christmas party, right? Well, be careful, we've all heard the urban legends about underdressed, overdressed and just plain inappropriate wear to work functions – not to mention the sliding behaviour when a few drinks are involved.

If you have a corporate function coming up after hours, or off the premises have a think about what type of work culture is already in place. Ask yourself a few pointed questions such as what is the appropriate attire at the office? What relationship do I have with my boss and co-workers? Have I previously socialised with them outside of a working situation?