Organise Your Wardrobe in 7 Easy Steps

2. Separate and organise your items into groups, keeping your dresses together, skirts together, jeans together and so forth then proceed to put them into colours from light to dark.

3. Use lingerie trays to separate your bras, socks and underwear.

4. Any loose scarves or ties should be hung on a tie holder.

5. All shoes are to be put in a suitable sized shoe box. This will protect them from dust and becoming scuffed or marked. The boxes also allow you to find your shoes in pairs!

6. Fold all T-shirts with a t-shirt folding template and place into T-shirt boxes.

7. Place all handbags and clutches in your own handbag garage! Keeping them in one place will help you find them easier without losing them at the bottom of your wardrobe!

Owner and director of, Sascha Griffin says: "When maintaining organisation in your home, it's important to make use of every single area for storage. Pinklily offers a wide range of glamorous storage solutions to help you keep on top of your mess!"

Sascha Griffin |

Sascha Griffin |