Online Destination | Mylo-Dee

Using Mylo-Dee's digital designer app, women can create customised active wear pieces to suit their body shape and tastes. The garments are custom made in Australia using unique French performance fabric which features technical qualities including anti-odour and quick-dry properties. This means women can duck to the shops after a work-out and feel perfectly comfortable and confident.


The basic silhouettes of the garments are designed with womens body shapes, not sizes, in mind. Whether women are an hour-glass or an apple figure, they are provided with tailor-made and flattering options.

"For those who are unsure where to start, there's lots of design inspiration on the website, and we provide lots of information to educate women about the importance of body shape when it comes to finding flattering pieces, plus the do's and don'ts for your shape. You can also easily share you designs with your friends to get their input - or just to have bragging rights over your creation," My-Linh says.

Mylo-Dee silhouettes are suitable for many types and levels of work out: from a brisk push of the baby pram, to long distance running, dancing and yoga. Being active shouldn't mean sacrificing style, fun and individuality! Every woman deserves to move in sexy, flattering garments.