OMG! Sock-boots are the biggest trend for AW16

Sock boots are new season trend

While we are frantically compiling our own winter wardrobe wishlists here at Fashion Weekly, we thought we'd reveal a new and exciting trend that has made an impact on the entire fashion world!

As the cooler months are quickly approaching it's time to say goodbye to your open-toe stilettos or your chosen summer lovin' sandals and say hello to a new winter trend.. sock-boots!

Kicking off the winter months in style (literally), sock-boots are a combination of practicality and style.

Although the name is a little bit disconcerting, don't be alarmed- you won't be throwing it back to the 80s and wearing leg-warmers over your boots!

Sock-boots have the similar vibe to any regular boot but they have a chunky walk-able heel, keep your ankles warm and most are created with a soft leather, suede interior that creates the illusion that you are actually wearing socks!

Now that makes more sense, right?

While most boots cut off your ankles and aren't particularly flattering for everyone- the sock-boot works in your favour and effortlessly balances out the hips. As you can see we're totally fan girling over this trend because it also graciously elongates the leg thanks to the sleek lining and design.

These boots have walked the runway multiple times this year, with the likes of Versace, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Louis Vuitton interpreting the trend in their own way and proving that this is the shoe of the season.

So, what are you waiting for! Kick off this winter with a pair of your very own sock-boots.

Words: Isla Perrett