NICO Pushes Fashion Boundaries with New Collection

Fashion and style are apparent in a subtle way as NICO subverts conventional ideas of lingerie and looks at it from a different perspective.

Exploring asymmetrical shapes and relationships between opposing elements, NICO draws inspiring from the De Stijl movement and the results are less fashion, but rather wearable pieces of conceptual art.

"The New Imagery has given us the chance to look at design in a totally different way, as well as to work with some really luxurious fabrics. It's definitely a conceptual collection but still remains true to what NICO is all about," says Creative Director of NICO, Lis Harvey.

Maintaining it's accreditation with Ethical Clothing Australia, NICO Underwear has established itself as a respected and trusted creator of ethical and sustainable fashion. Creating ethical fashion is at the core of NICO's business beliefs, and 'The New Imagery' is no exception, being 100% manufactured in NICO's hometown of Brisbane. The collection uses bamboo jersey with touches of velour in a bamboo and organic cotton blend, for a truly luxe feel.

Designed for the woman with a strong sense of individuality and an appreciation for quality, this collection expresses luxury. Fashion and style can be embraced in a beautiful way when supporting the importance of ethical fashion.

'The New Imagery' is now available exclusively from the NICO Underwear online store at

 Cover Image The Collector Bra$105, The Editorial Brief$45

The Poet Tee White $90, The Paper Brief $40

The Dramatist Bodysuit $90

The Primary Bra $80, The Architect Brief $50