Never feel buyers regret again with Snappd


Here’s a style struggle all fashionistas understand: You have an elaborate cocktail-affair to attend in the coming weeks, so what better time to splurge on that designer dress you’ve been ogling over for months? Despite being completely obsessed with your new closet favourite, once the event is over - your most prized possession hangs in your wardrobe awaiting the next special occasion. The reality is, it’s a little too extravagant for everyday wear, and there’s no way you’ll be seen in the same dress again. So before you know it, there's a collection of incredible pieces in hiding that aren’t getting the wear they truly deserve.

Sound familiar? Well, we have the answer to your distressed shopaholic calls. Introducing Snappd, the fashion app that will transform your closet and replenish your credit card.

Who hasn’t always wanted to have a glimpse into other cosmopolitan closets? Now you can! Snappd is a free fashion focussed app which fuses the convenience of online shopping and the fun of a social media account. The only difference is that you can sell pieces directly from your wardrobe, and buy from others.


Launched in May 2016, the Australian app’s medium to high end fashion audience proves that impeccable style and a little extra cash in the bank is the hottest trend of the season. There’s an abundance of fashion, footwear and accessory options for women, men and kids at your manicured fingertips. Along with buying from other like-minded, clothing lovers - you can also peruse collections from brands, boutiques, designers and stores.

Parting with your favourites can be hard. But with Snappd, you can have peace of mind knowing that the bustling fashion community will treasure your items just as much as you do. The integrated social media platform allows you to interact with other users, add striking staples to your wish list, follow your favourite sellers and tag friends so they can see what you're lusting over.


Epitomising the essence of ease, selling is fuss free and fast. All you have to do is simply sign up, create a profile, snap a photo of your clothes and voilà, you’ll have interested fashionista’s eyeing your items in no time. Plus, you can post as many products as you like. The world is literally your overflowing closet's oyster! And the apps secure payment system is just like any other online store. Sign up the bank account you wish to receive your payments from, and use your debit or credit card to go on a guaranteed spree.

Unlike other buy and sell sites, Snappd’s delivery service is straightforward. When signing up, you are given the option to request 5 free courier bags. What’s more, the courier comes straight to your door to pick up and deliver your items! Can you believe it? It's a seamless process, so you conveniently don't have to leave the comfort of your home. They take only a small commission from each sale while you have the satisfaction of never experiencing buyer’s guilt, again.

What are you waiting for? Overhaul your wardrobe and treat yourself to some new purchases with Snappd. You deserve it.

For more information visit and download Snappd from the App Store today. Follow them in Facebook and Instagram.

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