Nail smart casual with Hallenstein Brothers

We've caught up with Hallenstein Brothers to answer all your mesnwear queries.

Hailing from New Zealand, Hallenstein Brothers are the lifestyle brand who’s making an impact within the menswear world. From basics to suits, Hallenstein Brothers have everything you need.

With their first Australian store opening at Westfield Garden City, we sat down with Hallenstein Brothers stylists to talk the items your wardrobe needs and the secret to nailing smart casual.

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How do you wear bold prints in spring?

HB: Denim works well with all prints. Keep it light and bright. If you are brave enough to mix prints try a smaller print with the bold print.

What shoe styles should every man own?

HB: A pair of boots, a leather oxford dress shoe, some cool trainers and decent pair of thongs. You can pretty much cover your whole wardrobe with those 4.

What are 3 wardrobe essentials?

HB: A good basic tee, a great pair of jeans and a navy suit.

We've caught up with Hallenstein Brothers to answer all your mesnwear queries.

What's the secret to nailing smart casual?

HB: The easiest thing to do is match your shoes to the style of pants you are wearing and make sure the fit works for you. Don’t overdo it, the simpler the outfit, the better you will look.

What's one fashion rule that should never be broken?

HB: We don’t like to follow rules, fashion moves so quickly, that what has been deemed unacceptable in one season comes in to fashion the next. Fashion is about feeling good. If it works for you go for it.

What's the secret to discovering your personal style?

HB: Experiment! You will find out what works and what doesn’t pretty quickly.

What's the key to master layering without looking frumpy or mis-matched?

HB: It’s all about sizing. Sometimes it’s worth going up in size on the outer layers to avoid the fit looking wrong. Also try longer layers and keep your colours simple. It’s easier to layer your basic colours and maybe one bright colour than it is to mix a few bright colours or prints.

What are the hottest trends for summer?

HB: Pastel colours are big, so are printed shirts and anything distressed; tees, denim, shorts and shirts. Rips, tears and holes are a must have this summer.

Head into the Westfield Garden City store, or shop online today to begin your journey with Hallenstein Brothers.