Must Have Shoe Trends Summer 2014

To ensure your walking into the warmer weather with the covert-worthy shoes, Mister Minit has teamed with Westfield Sydney head stylist Adriana Fernandez to determine the hottest shoe trends for the upcoming season. Expect to see it all from the iconic Birkenstock to the chic sandal, Adriana outlines the biggest trends in shoes this summer, while shoe repair experts Mister Minit offers advice and their top tips for looking after them.

TREND: Ankle Strap Sandals

 THE MODE COLLECTIVE, Vinyl Triple Strap Navy Alligator, $269.00

The ankle strap high heel shoe is a summer classic that is revived each year. There's something about the barely-there ankle strap sandal that it totally irresistible. Perhaps it's the power to make legs look sexier in an instant. They literally go with anything, from a dress to boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt. Mister Minit suggests you look after them with these tips:

· Single soled shoes will wear more than a platform and Mister Minit stress the importance of applying an anti-slip sole just after purchase to prolong the life of your shoes and give some extra comfort.

· Stiletto heels can easily be worn down, so make sure you replace your heel tip early to prevent damage to the heel block (available at Mister Minit from $17.95).

· Always undo the buckles to prevent the leather and elastics stretching and breaking.

TREND: Birkenstocks

 BIRKENSTOCK, Women's Arizona White, $139.00

There's no ignoring them, Birkenstocks are set to become the shoe of the summer! Whether you love or loathe Birkenstock's sandals, there's no denying the influence they are currently enjoying when it comes to shoe trends. Yes, they might have around some 240 years (and can be worn by eight and 80 year olds alike) but as fashion trends lean in favour of all that equals comfort and practicality the Birkenstock has become a mascot for all that is sensible yet stylish. Look after them with these tips from Mister Minit:

· Both the cork and the soles of your Birkenstocks can be damaged by exposure to concentrated heat. If your shoes become wet, allow them to dry naturally at room temperature.

· The footbed is constructed of layers of jute and cork covered in a suede lining, designed to absorb moisture from your feet. It is recommended to air your footbeds regularly to prevent a buildup of odours which occur from excess moisture and clean them using a Suede and Nubuck Mousse Cleaner.

TREND: Mules

THE MODE COLLECTIVE, Toe Cap Mule Black Alligator, $279.00

This season the mule, a favorite style of the 90's, is back hotter than ever. Once a signature shoe for the over-60 set, it has received a youthful makeover. Whether a floral adorned flat, a chunky heel, or a sleek stiletto, the new mule has been transformed into a modern must have.

· The best quality shoes are made out of leather but leather is like skin and requires moisturising. Use a leather conditioner to nourish your leather mules.

· Store shoes in dustbag/box to prevent shoes from being knocked around and always handle with care.

TREND: Espadrilles

MOLLINI, Daina Red/Navy Stripe, $99.95

Espadrille shoes have topped the must-have list, thanks to celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Beyonce. These celebrities have been spotted wearing the espadrilles from French fashion designer Chanel and thankfully other designers have taken note of the trend too. These casual flats are perfect option to wear for those fun events you have planned this summer. With vibrant on trend colours and hints of leather and lace, the Espadrilles have been taken to a new fashion level while still maintaining that classic style. Fabric shoes require specific care to ensure their longevity and Mister Minit suggest the following tips:

· Ensure your espadrilles are protected from the elements by using Miss Minit Water and Stain Protector. Continue to waterproof shoes on a regular basis to protect from dirt, grime, spills and stains.

· When storing espadrilles, use a shoe tree to maintain their shape.

TREND: Sneakers

I LOVE BILLY, Capline Multi Blue Elastic, $69.95

They've been around forever, but only for the past four years has the trend been in the fashion focus, paired with anything that crosses our minds from skirts to sequined dresses to suit trousers or sporty attire. No longer a gym or geek'ish shoe, sneakers and trainers are being seen at Fashion Weeks and even on the red carpets. Whether colorful, embellished or super athletic, sneakers have made a big impact in the world of fashion. Mister Minit suggestions to keep your kicks looking fly:

· Feet perspiration can often leave our footwear smelling a little funky. Stay Fresh, a natural product made from silver available at Mister Minit will kill the bacteria, rather than just mask the smell.

· Always undo the laces when removing shoes to prevent excessive stretching and damage to the back of the shoe.

Together with these tips, Mister Minit suggests using the below products to help look after your shoes.

 Must Have Shoe Trends Summer 2014

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