More than just a fashion statement with MOGA

Embrace fearless fashion and push social boundaries with MOGA.

It’s no secret that we are avid accessory lovers. From encrusted gems, shoulder grazing earrings and embellished clutches, if it adds the finishing touches to our outfits then it’s a given we’ll be obsessed. Yet one of the most overlooked accessory additions is the humble headscarf. Housing a multitude of symbolic meanings for individuals across the globe, whether that be cultural, religious, a story of survival or just a much-adored style; this simple piece can add a certain confidence and flair to our outfits. If you, like us have a penchant for colour and are passionate about creating a harmonious world, then let us introduce you to MOGA, the headscarf and shawl brand making a fashionable social impact.

More than just a label, MOGA are the Melbourne based, feminist designers driven by celebrating bold individuality, diminishing sexism and obliterating social prejudice. Established in September of 2016 and already releasing their collection on e-retailer powerhouse, ASOS; it’s safe to say they are getting noticed for their vibrant designs and powerful message.

Embrace fearless fashion and push social boundaries with MOGA.

Anyone can be fashionable, but it's individual style that puts a signature on trends and speaks volumes about who we are. MOGA understands our desire to stand out from the masses and offers us pieces that will make a lasting impression. All of their colourful, premium silk designs are meticulously created in-house on a limited-edition basis. This ensures that each scarf or shawl is just as unique as the woman wearing it.

You can style your new MOGA favourite however you like. Whether that’s tied as a headscarf, on-trend turban, 70s-esque bandanna or draped around your décolletage, the possibilities are endless.

Their passion and vision to change stereotypes and social norms is what sets them apart from other designers. So this season, fearlessly flaunt your new scarf with a positive conscious thanks to MOGA donating 20% of every purchase to the CARE Foundation, a charity that helps young girls in developing countries receive an education.

For more information and to purchase your own headscarf visit or ASOS and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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