Monili Jewellers Opens in Brisbane

Monili Jewellers employs specialised craftsmen with no less than 10 years' experience in the art of jewellery, creating magnificent pieces with great technique and attention to detail.

Founded in 2005 and growing to a company with seven stores in Dubai, Monili Jewellers is now beginning a new chapter in its story, with Brisbane chosen as the location for its first boutique anywhere else in the world.
"Brisbane has a budding luxury market, which has seen many high-end brands open their doors in recent years, while still having relatively low operating costs," said Matthew Kill – Director, Monili Jewellers.

The boutique is designed with a gallery-style, open-plan format, with elegant French provincial cabinets and furniture placed around the space in a way that encourages customers to wander through and explore the jewellery as they wish.

Customers are encouraged to sit down and take their time browsing through the designs until they find a piece they fall in love with. Monili Jewellers want their customers to have a relaxing experience and shoppers who choose to take their time will be served refreshments to enjoy while they make their decision.

Monili Jewellers believes this process encourages customers to ask as many questions as they wish, with their professional, friendly and welcoming staff on hand to answer any queries.

"We don't believe in pressure to buy, because we recognise part of the joy of buying jewellery is in the moment of discovery where your heart tells you it is the piece for you," said Matthew.

Visit the new Monili Jewellers flagship boutique and discover the world of beauty, elegance and romance it offers, now in Brisbane.