MODAcreative Change Up The PR Game

They then collaborated on Fashion Week after-parties in Brisbane and Sydney, and from then a partnership was born. From the events company it eventually evolved into "a company that connects brands with social influencers," as Wade says.

Wade and Zubie play the "good cop bad cop" type duo when it comes to how they run things in the office, with Zubie saying that "Wade is very blunt and straight to the point, whereas I can't say a bad thing about anyone!" "Wade is able to cut directly to the point of what needs to be done and doesn't fluff around," she continues.

MODAcreative Change Up The PR Game

It's this direct and pragmatic approach to the business that has seen the business grow rapidly. "It's been a whirlwind since we restructured the business and turned it into an agency," Zubie says.

Whilst they have refused to send this author to Paris (how rude) they are in the process of expanding, with offices in Sydney and New York being considered.

MODAcreative Change Up The PR Game

Being the public faces of MODAcreative, both Wade and Zubie try to stay up to date with fashion trends. Zubie says that "the older I get, the more interested in investing in fewer quality pieces I get, rather than going nuts and buying heaps of things that will just end up falling apart after two wears. Can't be thirty and still rocking Forever 21 if you know what I'm saying'" Wade maintains a constant fitness regimen "I run or go for a mountain bike ride every morning."

Wade also attributes a strict routine to their success. "Every morning I take my iPad and go to LTD Espresso beneath the office and create a to do list as well as read a few blogs and pinterest for inspiration. I also research for new social media trends. Then I get into the office and organise all my checklists for the talents and the staff. This just helps to get everyone organised for the week and means that we achieve all of our goals."

In the end though Wade says that "each day is an exciting day to work with new talents and see the business grow." MODAcreative is growing every day, I for one can't wait to see how far this company can go, it's a true pioneer in the talent management field.

If you think you are someone of interest to MODAcreative, contact Wade or Zubie at

MODAcreative Change Up The PR Game

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MODAcreative Change Up The PR Game