Mid Week Wrap Up with Abigael Hansen

Kendall Jenner & Fendi.. If you are not up to speed with the situation, let me catch you up - Kendall Jenner has recently been announced as the new face of Fendi, much to the public’s disappointment. With comments on Jenner’s Instagram along the lines of: “Terrible! That face! My goodness. She just doesn’t deserve anything. Not strength, not fierce or seductive. Just a continuous facial expression that rivals a slapped arse!” or “A great collection ruined by a horrible campaign and a bad model” or “She’s not a model. Period.” To be 100% honest, I genuinely do not understand the outrage. I’ve seen the photos, do I think they’re terrible? No, I think she looks stunning, I like her hair in it, and you know what - It makes me want to buy the bag she is clutching. I’ve certainly seen worse advertising campaigns.

Image: www.3news.co.n

Last Cab to Darwin premiered in Brisbane a few weeks ago. The lucky media & VIP’s in attendance were treated to the presence of Michael Caton and Jeremy Sims. Last Cab to Darwin is seriously one of the best films I have seen in a long time. Michael Caton has an ability to pull on your heart strings while making you roar with laughter all at once, and can achieve more story telling with one look than most actors can in a full monologue. As I arrived for the premiere night, I proceeded into the theatre to walk the red carpet (as I have a few times in my day) and as I stood there, posing, I thought - This is super super awkward. You arrive at the carpet, the publicist tells you the right spot to stand, you pose, working it, staring down the barrel of a camera, after which posing for several seconds the camera man informs you that he is a camera man for ABC and is not in fact taking stills. Not letting that knock your confidence you move onto pose for the photographers that you originally missed standing in the photographers pit. You pose, looking over your shoulder, hand on hip for a group of men saying things like “that’s great, yeah, just lovely” while the other 200 people in the room stare you down. And just as quickly as you got on that carpet, you are being ushered off, because Michael Caton and Jeremy Sims are about to arrive, and Jeremy does not like to be kept waiting. Remember kids, when posing on a red carpet, cross your legs and hold your hand on your hip with your clutch - As demonstrated below.


Anything Goes premiered in Brisbane at QPAC last Tuesday night, with the official VIP opening including the presence of celebs like Wayne Bennet, Jack Reed and Corey Parker from the Brisbane Broncos, Lydia Pearson and Pam Easton of Easton Pearson along with Ben from Brisbane and Sandra Nixon from Big Brother. Anything Goes is one of those stories that just captivates audiences. Telling the story of an ocean liner that sets sail from New York to London, etiquette and convention get tossed out the portholes as two unlikely couples set off to find true love. Proving that sometimes destiny needs a little help from a crew of singing sailors, an exotic disguise and some good old fashion blackmail. As I sat in the audience on opening night, in complete awe of what I was witnessing, I was absolutely exhausted just thinking about performing a show of that calibre - Anything Goes is not one to miss.


As the weather has been ridiculously cold lately, I want to leave with a flawless style tip for this winter - Find yourself a cute oversized scarf and you are set for whatever this chilly weather throws your way. Look for a scarf that has a fun print to it, add it to your outfit as the focus point to really make your look pop. And remember - the bigger the better.

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Words: Abigael Hansen