Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane Wow's the Crowd

MBFF Brisbane's First Show on Tuesday Night

Words: Carly Flemming

What an amazing Bridal show it was at MBFF Brisbane. The event was held at City Hall on Tuesday night, with the venue already setting the tone for a romantic evening.

The designers wowed the crowd, and from the gowns, music, choreography and lighting there was a whimsical sensation, which sweeped the crowd away to a dreamy moment in time.

Designers included the likes of Wendy Sullivan, Regalia Bridal Designs, Bertossi Brides, Paul Hunt, Jack Sullivan, George Wu and Elizabeth de Varga.

Highlights included designs from Paul Hunt; his designs were timeless and stunning. Jack Sullivan also needs to be mentioned, his gowns were filled with an old romantic elegance but also had modern day flair. The stand out model goes to the gorgeous flower girl who walked for Elizabeth de Varga. Her innocence and beauty stole the smiles from the crowd as she graced down the runway nervously with a bouquet.

Tight waists, French lace and flowing skirts were a recurring trend. 1950's silhouettes were a stand out. Expectedly, 1920's Great Gatsby glamour was also popular and this was complimented by a strikingly similar sound track to the movie echoing around City Hall as the models graced the stage. The designers brilliantly interpreted these times with on-trend and modern gowns reminding us that we were at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane 2013.