Suit trends, tips & tricks with The Fitting Room


They say, “A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.“ Which is why bespoke alterations are becoming increasingly popular and more attainable.

In the past this service was a luxury that was only available to a high-end demographic, but now men understand the power that comes from an exceptionally well-tailored suit.

Operations Manager, Clare Sheng from clothing alteration service, The Fitting Room, says the fit is the make or break of a good impression.

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“There is nothing worse than an ill-fitted, big black suit. It looks like they’ve borrowed it from their dad … If you are wearing a $5,000 ill-fitted suit, people will look at you differently and won’t trust what you have to say.”

When it comes to choosing a style that's suave, the ultimate goal is to look sharp and feel comfortable. But what’s the secret to rocking a classic suit with a statement?


Sheng says, “First, start with a price bracket. You can begin with a basic that might not be as comfortable or long wearing. Or you can go for a bespoke or custom-made suit. If you are buying off the rack, you should find something that [complements] your body-shape.”

She recommends that the younger demographic opt for trendy pieces and younger brands such as M.J. Bale. Whereas, more mature gentlemen should look towards Elio Moda or Hugo Boss.

From there, the tailoring can begin. “The first thing you need to look for is the shoulder fit. If the shoulder fits nicely, then the remaining alterations are all quite simple,” she says.

The secret to customising your look is by personalising it with accessories.


“Knitted and skinny ties and pocket squares are in fashion right now. I would recommend avoiding the bow tie this season unless you can really pull it off. Cuff links also aren’t big right now. It’s more about the pocket squares, tie clips, beaded and leather strapped bracelets.”

She continues saying, “Also, at the moment the tapered leg is very on-trend, so this is an easy alteration to make to a wider leg pant. Bright socks are also in, so choose the right pants length and play with coloured socks."

The Fitting Room offers an array of tailoring packages with a turn around of only between 3-7 days. To find out more about their services visit