The fashion faux-pas guys need to stop making now!

The men's fashion rules that should never be broken!

The men's fashion rules that should never be broken!

For many of us, fashion isn't just the clothes on our back. It's an attitude, a lifestyle and often times, an obsession. If you fall into this category, we are sure that you will agree that there is nothing that will stand in the way of a second date more than a guy who breaks the ever so sacred rules of our fashion bible. Guys, read on and please, for all of our sakes, take note!

1. Thongs

Unless you are making a quick dash across scorching hot sand or at the beach there is absolutely no excuse for thongs. In our opinion, thongs do not even classify as shoes, and should only be worn at the beach (if at all). So, boys don't even think about throwing them on for a trip to the shops , there's nothing remotely attractive about exposed toes, believe us.

2. Jeans and joggers

We can't believe this isn't already engrained in everyone's minds, but unfortunately (for our eyes), a few recent sightings have shown a definite need for reiteration. Sneakers are designed for exercise, and exercise alone. Guys, please do us all a favour and get yourself a pair of loafers and leave the joggers in your gym bag.

3. Over-doing the cologne

No girl can resist a delicious smelling man. But boys, in this case, less is always more. Save us from possible suffocation and use your spray sparingly. We also suggest that you invest in a decent quality scent, no one likes the sickly sweet smell of a chemist brand cologne – and believe us, we can smell the difference!

4. Accessory overload

Watches and wedding rings aside, if you ask us, accessories are pretty unnecessary additions to a man's ensemble. What can we say? We like it simple. So, please put down the dangling chains and shark tooth bracelet (it's not the 2000s). Stick with a statement timepiece and you're set.

5. Clashing patterns and colours

One of the most common mistakes among men, mixing patterns and tones is definitely not something we would recommend. Unless you have the sixth sense of the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, your outfit is just going to come across as mismatched and clumsy. We can't stress enough how sexy we find a plain black tee – you can really do no wrong.

6. Baggy pants

I'm sorry to disappoint, but you are not a 90s rapper; you just look scruffy. We don't want to see your striped boxers, or even worse, what's underneath them. Grab yourself a belt and pull up your pants!

7. Too tight tops

We all love a little glimpse of the gun show, but T-shirts that could have been sprayed on? So not sexy. Get a shirt that actually fits you and leave a little to our imaginations, please.

8. Buttoned to the top tops

You are not a priest, leave the top two to three buttons undone. 

This might seem pretty self explanatory, but we can vouch for the fact that these cringe worthy mistakes are still very much visible. Boys, if you're reading this, stay away from these eight things and watch the dates roll in. I bet you never would have guessed how much a proper pair of shoes could really help!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis

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