Meet the revolutionaries of male shopping

George & King. Meet the revolutionaries of the male shopping experience

I'm not one to stereotype but in my experience most men are only able to just tolerate shopping. Usually the guys don't tend to spend their Saturday mornings perusing shopping malls in order to purchase the latest styles or spend hours eyeing accumulating a shopping, wish-list online.

However, research into the male shopping habits has found that men prefer to shop online, mainly for ease.
The only problem is that if an item doesn’t fit, they do not usually bother sending it back. Often the mere thought of printing the label and taking the item to the post office is simply too tiresome. So the male wardrobe has become a graveyard for poorly fitting shirts and pants. (sad, I know) Think about all those unworn garments left hanging for all eternity, never to see the light of day.

This is wear (pun/spelling intended) George & King, the custom sartorial menswear and styling company is here to save the masses. This month, George & King launched their latest and greatest amenity yet: The Concierge Service. This impressive option will solely revolutionise the shopping process for men - welcome to the future.

What is The Concierge Service?

This service is designed to alleviate any stress or trauma that men associate with shopping. The client will be given unprecedented access to the personal style concierge team, a look book starring the latest collections and a yearly garment and style planner which is prepared for each client - meaning he never has to shop again. It's like having your own personal stylist but without the ridiculous costs.

A style survey has been designed in order to allow a detailed sartorial profile to be created based on his answers. The information will filter through to an advanced retail system that allows members of the style concierge team to create the clients perfect wardrobe based on their style preferences and needs. The team will keep the client updated on the latest trends, give advice on how to copy celebrity styles, aid in choosing an outfit for that special event, offer personalised style advice and curate looks for both work and play.

Every three to six months a member of the concierge team will follow up with the client in order to arrange a new suit, shirts, pants and more based on the client’s requirements and arrange direct delivery to them without having to step foot into a shop or browse online. And the best thing is the garment will fit them perfectly.

George & King. Meet the revolutionaries of the male shopping experience

How Do I Join?

1. Gentlemen can join this service by visiting and signing up as a George & King Client.

2. Book a fitting so the measurements can be taken and stored as George & King want to ensure the fit is perfect.

3. Pick your first complete look with the help of the concierge team and in 4 weeks the garment will be ready.

4. Once all the measurements are stored, leave the sartorial mastery to the experts. Your looks will be designed and sent through via email for purchase and with one click your new clothing will be delivered directly to you for ease.

In the very near future George & King will also offer a Wardrobe Inventory service where appointments can even be booked with a member of the specialised team. They will come to your house, help you de-clutter your wardrobe and rid you of those impulse purchases or ill-fitting online items, creating a list of looks and styles personal to you with a focus on the necessities that all men should own.

The Concierge Service gives you free access to the George & King Style Concierge team, available when you need them to take care of all your clothes shopping needs. This is the future of male menswear!

Words: Hannah Croly