MBFWA Day 5 | The Last Day

The Innovators

Bringing the future closer was the aim of the game at The Innovators show this year as some of the industries best up and coming showed all things inter-galactic modern. Ciara Nolan opted for an almost prehistoric take on contemporary (apparently it is possible) with dinosaur like prints on mixed media garments. Bei Na Wei took Perspex to a whole new level with visors, clutches and backpacks in the material while Yousef Akbar used it to hold masses of neoprene together in all the right places. Throw some adventurous men's wear from Kiaya Daniels in the mix for a wholly innovative show.


Timeless and contemporary pieces were on show with Ae'lkemi's signature raw edge elegance and precise feminine cuts. Sheer, soft and fluid fabrics graced the runway with a mix of old world opulence, complimented with visually seductive and playful surfaces and textures.


Strong silhouettes dominated the runway with an eclectic design aesthetic. IXIAH turned to the vibe of confident and daring with sophisticated tailoring.
Inspired by a play on masculinity and femininity the cohesive collection served for a shocking balance best left for the individualistic spirit.