MBFWA Day 4 Runway Wrap Up

Lan Yu

New to MBFWA from China, Lan Yu presented a gallery like instillation of a 12 piece collection. Influenced by the 12 stars of the Milky Way, the encrusted bridal gowns represent 'a different vision of understanding of love'. Yu accentuated waists throughout but varied the pieces with entirely different skirt cuts and flow aesthetics. Details were intricate, lines were emphasized and a beautiful collection was created.


Jayson Brunsdon

Rio's 'sexual energy' is a driving force behind Jayson Brunsdon's Spring Summer2014 Collection aptly titled Rio. There was also an intense energy behind the runway show's lighting and music, providing the ultimate fashion week aesthetic. Rio is all things metallic, sequined and tropical fruit prints combined with a hint of decadent tapestry-like pattern in extreme short and long lengths. We're ready for carnivale!


Duvenage delivered a colourful and unique collection that has personality and function. Signature exclusive prints are a highlight; think geometric overlays and abstract patterns, which produce a vibrant and electric colour palette.


Bianca Spender

Offsite at MBFWA is always a sign of mystery and excitement as to what the show will hold. Bianca Spender's offsite show was nothing short of spectacularly mysterious with a hint of Australian outback refinement. Set in an oversized warehouse like location, the models stalked the perimeter of a life size cottage set prop. The collection was all things contemporary chic with fine chain adornments, shimmer like materials and perfectly placed cut-outs. Think Australian climate appropriate with a new-wave twsit.

Betty Tran

Following a similar design aesthetic to her Spring/ Summer 13/14 collection, Tran presented prom-appropriate pieces in vibrant shades of cobalt and cherry red. Meters upon meters of tulle complemented an array of sequined sheer materials with hints towards relaxed bridal tones. Finish with a glittering after party at the Hilton and we're set for prom night all over again.