MBFWA Day 2 | Fashion Week Mayhem


The designer is comparatively fresh to the scene and SPECTRUM is just as juicy with more than hints of pink, blue, yellow, green and the rest of the rainbow. Colour-by-numbers on contemporary chic pieces of neoprene for a refreshing wardrobe addition.

Phoenix Keating

What do LED lights, green tartan plaid and eight inches of black stilettoes have in common? They are all the stars at Phoenix Keating's MBFWA Autumn show. The designer took a very wearable take on intergalactic with very little above the knee and dramatic splashes of red. Add some gold sequined palazzo pants and meters upon meters of layered skirt to alien-like hair styling by Dale Delaporte of Prema Hair Fashion for a modern installment by the renowned designer.


Less of a runway show and more of a performance, NLP shocked the crowd with an Avatar inspired sci-fi collection presented in an creative - to say the least- dance routine.

Neoprene swimsuits, external zips, colour blocking and futuristic shapes are seen throughout the neon and pastel line. A point of difference with key design elements makes the collection one to note. The dance style delivery, however, was a little less fashion week and a little more sweaty club. These stilettoes are too expensive for The Cross thank you.

Words: Stacey O'Keeffe & Emma Clarke