MBFF Survival Guide

As we embark on the city's most stylish week, the Fashion Weekly team have collected some glamorous suggestions to get us through this fashionable chaos. These tips are perfect to keeping cool, calm and collected during MBFF.

External Phone Battery: Let's admit it, our phones are our everything. Don't leave the house without a back up plan.

Breath Mints: There is nothing worse than ruining a potentially great conversation with an overwhelming whiff of bad breath. Breath mints in between shows will keep you staying fresh and fabulous at all times.

Water: With the endless supply of champagne, don't forget to hydrate.

Top Tips to Surviving Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane

Plan Your Wardrobe: Avoid extra and unnecessary stress by leaving your wardrobe unorganised at the last minute. Plan your outfits prior to the MBFF. There is nothing worse than running late before a show because you couldn't find the right pair of shoes!

Umbrella: Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Keep your look picture perfect and protect yourself against the unexpected weather dramas.

Strike a Pose: Be ready to strike a pose for the herd of photographers waiting to take snaps of the most fabulous guests at MBFF.

Keep Calm: Don't freak out. Whether you are running late for a show, spotting your favourite celebrities from across the room or panicking about your outfit, make sure you keep calm. Remember, there is nothing glamorous about stress.

So enjoy Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane lovelies. We can't wait to see you there.

For more information visit www.mbff.com.au.

Top Tips to Surviving Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane