MBFF Day Four: Luxe vs. Relaxed Chic

Lee Mathews took a similar approach to the understated trends with linens in electric blue, black, lemon and white but with limited structure. Teamed with oversized material bead necklaces; this collection was all about Bali nights. Gail Sorronda followed the relaxed aesthetic with beach bar-side glam dresses, the odd puffed sleeve and plenty of chic understatement.


Ginger & Smart kept true to their infamous bold architectural print. We particularly love the day-to-night blazer combinations, classic suit pieces and bold summer brights to give the pieces a modern perceptive.
Closing the show was Easton Pearson with plenty of colour, lots of pleats and even more chic understatement. Garden Party ready day dresses and relaxed trousers in daring retro prints are definitely some to remember!

What better way to prepare for the night ahead, the parties and awaiting bar than with dreaming of days filled with sea-side relaxation and understated glam, courtesy of the fashion runway show before us!