Making a Mark | Daniel Bentley

Daniel has previously spent 14 years living in Europe, the last four of which he spent in Denmark. The infamous European winters, including broken ice sheets on the river and minus 11 degree temperatures inspired the architectural lines of many of Daniel's pieces.


Each collection has the design elements to withstand ever-changing high fashion styles and trends within the jewellery industry and Daniel chooses to venture from prominent trends in fashion. His pieces are in a league of their own; void of the fashion world powers.

While the lure of modern computer-based design programs is tempting to many, Daniel says he prefers the old-fashioned pencil and paper method in mixing Danish design and Australian artistry.

"I'm not a computer sort of person," he said.

"I like to draw things by hand because there is no risk of loss of finess and individuality which can be the case when working with computer design programs."

"I want to touch my designs. I just have to keep working on it."


The natural Australian landscape features are combined with a modern touch to create a unique perspective in Daniel's designs.

"I like natural long shapes and architectural form. My pieces are like small sculptures," he said.

"We went to the Pilgrim in South Australia and there were all these bones in the dirt. They had some natural holes in them and a natural form. That's where the Outback Fossil Collection inspiration came from."

Lene, a graphic designer, and Daniel make the perfect design team and complement each other's talents.

"I'm very lucky because I get to test the pieces before release. I test drive them and we get a feel for how it wears and looks and make sure it's what we want," Lene said.

Daniel is currently working on four mens' wear collections with view to release in the coming months plus the designer has a sparkling brand new women's range in the mix. We can't wait!

Photography by Warren Jopson