Maximum impact with the season's 'it' mini bag

The rise of the mini handbag could convert us all to minimalists

New York Fashion Week was filled with style inspiration, and one of the biggest trends for the bag scene proved that they're not huge at all!

All the runways, front rows and streets were full of fashionistas carrying the mini handbag, and we are obsessed! From classic, minimalist across-body bags to tiny totes embellished with anything and everything, this is the trend to try.

Now, I’ll admit it: I’m definitely an oversized tote, packed with everything kind-of-girl. When I carry a large classic, I stuff it with everything I can possibly fit, because - just in case. A girl never knows when she might need to refresh her eyeshadow, or someone on the street is in dire need a Band-Aid.

Sound familiar? I’m sure I’m not the only one who brings half her makeup collection and a first aid kit everywhere, just in case. And do we ever need it all? Nope.

That’s why the mini handbag is the perfect accessory for spring. Carrying a smaller bag forces you to rethink what you consider an essential – and they’re so teeny and cute! Plus, we could be saving ourselves some serious shoulder and back pain by downsizing. It’s also a great way to invest in a designer bag with a splurging price tag!

So how do we pare down the contents of our bags? Well, that’s pretty simple. Think of what you ACTUALLY need – as in, the items you use regularly and often while out. So, your phone and wallet make the cut. And you probably reapply your lipstick after lunch and coffee breaks too. But you don’t need to bring the rest of your makeup! No one really needs to touch up their foundation, setting powder, and eyeliner during the day, so why carry it around? Use a setting spray before you leave the house and feel free and light without the cosmetic kit! If you really need to do little quick fixes, bring a small nude stick that acts as a concealer, highlighter and general touch-up tool. Can’t leave home without your perfume? Pop a few drops of your favourite scent into a mini atomiser. That’s it! Those are the essentials.

So now we’ve got the contents of the mini bag sorted. But how do we style this super-cute must-have?

Firstly, let your mini bag be the statement piece of your ensemble. Don’t drown it in a loud outfit. Stick to stylish staples, clean silhouettes and a pop of colour to reflect the embellishments on the bag. Wear it on one shoulder with a full skirt or ruffled top, to avoid dragging down the shape of your outfit, or wear it across your body with a more minimalist ensemble.

Stand tall and embrace the minimalist lifestyle with your mini bag! Embrace your new found freedon without all those extras and let your adorable mini handbag do the talking.

Words: Hanna Sloan