Madame Allsorts Mocks the Fashion Industry with New Christmas Range

The range, which includes a beautiful gown, sweatshirt, pocket squares, a silk scarf and Christmas cards, takes potshots at what Allsorts regards as a tiresomely predictable and self-serving industry, brimming with cliques and cliches.

Madame Allsorts has already achieved notoriety with her 'anti-fashion' couture, which includes shocking prints of penis hotdogs, vagina apples and "I blagged this for my blog" slogan sweatshirts.

Wintour Wonderland Jumper

Madame Allsorts said, "Walking in a Wintour Wonderland is a representation of how I feel about the conformity and predictability of the mainstream fashion industry and all of its cliques."

"It features a hot of famous faces, whom I feel represent the lack of creativity within the fashion industry, namely the Karadshian/Jenner tribe famous for contributing to absolutely nothing (apart from their presence and an ample bottom) to the world."

"I added a row of saluting mannequins and a couple of coat hanger trees with Birkin Bag buckets for good measure."

Wintour Wonderland Scarf

These are strong words by the controversial artist. It's the kind of acerbic swipe at the fashion industry that has quickly become Madame Allsorts' trademark, and is sure to ruffle the feathers of those featured.

Tell us what you think. Has this artist taken her work and words too far?

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