Lisa Gorman talks Brisbane's emerging fashion scene


Playing with different fashion trends and styles is what makes fashion such a fun and personal experience. Australian label Gorman specialises in creating beautiful, fun designs for the everyday woman. We spoke to the creator and Creative Director of the label, Lisa Gorman, about her inspiration, her role at this years RESORT festival and her thoughts on Brisbane’s emerging fashion scene.

Gorman is renowned for its quirky and whimsical designs. Where do you find such inspiration to create such fun, beautiful pieces?
LG: Inspiration is from the everyday. I have always found day to day life the most relevant inspiration for what I create and who I create for. It’s about people going about their daily business in their own way. I like both cultural and nature references in my prints, clothing and accessories, and keep a fresh, contemporary feel to what I do because that’s what I see going on around me.

What is your ultimate styling tip?
LG: Be comfortable with how you are looking. Don’t worry about trends, a confidently dressed girl is fashion in itself.

What is the biggest fashion trend for the season?
LG: Layering is strong this season. Skirts under dresses, dresses over pants, any layering look you like really. It's a good way to reinvent your wardrobe and helps to bring prints and plains together, particularly if you're not a big print person. You can create your layering outfit so that just a peek of print is exposed.

How would you describe Brisbane's sense of style?
LG: I would describe Brisbane's sense of style as modern and fresh. Colour has always been more prominent in the warmer climates because the locals tend to permanently hold that healthy warm-weather glow, making colours look amazing on the body.

You’re taking part in RESORT Trailblazers panel discussion alongside Margaret Zhang and Holly Ryan. Do you think that Brisbane’s fashion scene is finally gaining recognition nationally and internationally?

LG: Definitely. Due to technology, the world is a lot smaller than it ever was, and being Australian, or specifically from Brisbane, means that you have the same opportunity for exposure as anyone else does these days. Brisbane has strong local brands, retail precincts and a really competitive offering these days which puts it on the map right there alongside the rest.

If you’re looking for beautiful, quirky fashions for your summer Gorman is definitely for you. To hear more about Lisa’s thoughts on the Australian fashion industry, book your tickets for the RESORT Trailblazers panel discussion.