Let lingerie be your date this Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day Lingerie

The taboo topic of lingerie and how it reflects your personality has us all in a fluster here at Fashion Weekly. It's often forgotten how your choice of lingerie can emulate the type of person you are, both in and out of the bedroom. Our guide will help you figure out which styles best suit your personality this Valentine's Day!

Classic Cuts

Calvin Klein Undies

Some of us wouldn't read much into it when it comes to underwear, you just wear what's practical and comfortable, right?

But hey, that leads us to our first personality; 'the classic'. You are the type of woman that doesn't care much about 'trends' and fitting into a feminine stereotype. You don't need lace or frills to show off your natural beauty. You work with what you have and you love it! You can feel sexy without having to step out of your comfort zone. 

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Fitted and Fabulous

Valentine's Day Lingerie

The 'fetishist' plays on 'the classic' personality by still incorporating practical styles while indulging in life's finest pleasures. Without getting all 50 Shades of Grey up in here, the 'fetishist' personality plays on your provocative and dominant side. This kind of 'gal dares to push the boundaries a little while still being extremely sexy, therefore lace bodysuits are for you!

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Sweet and Sultry

Valentine's Day Lingerie

None of these personalities sound quite like you? Do you prefer the finer things in life?

Keeping that sexy yet innocent mindset in check, you're a lover of all things elegant and beautiful. Garters, delicate lace, pretty patterns and sugary sweet pastel tones are for you. It leaves the illusion to your fellow..eh..audience.. that there is certainly more to come. Thus, resulting in you being the 'sweet & sultry' kind.

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Flirt Fantasy

Valentine's Day Lingerie

Another personality much like 'the sweet & sultry' is the good old fashioned 'flirt'. The woman with an outgoing personality, an indulger of games both in and out of the bedroom. She encapsulates every essence of a good mystery. You're never shy and afraid to show off exactly what you've got. For you, it's a corset, g-string, sky-high stilettos and a whip so you can show off your fantasy side.

Shop this look: Pleasure State, White Label Ava Delilah Corset Was $159.95

So, whether you're alone or not this Valentines Day, feel empowered by the sexy undergarments you choose to wear ... that's if it even stays on for long.

Words: Isla Perrett